Best Revenge Movie: Part: II

Welcome to Best Revenge Movie Part II. In this article, I will be talking about Kill Bill II which came out one year after Kill Bill II.  The pregnant Bride and her groom practice their wedding. Bill, the Bride's previous sweetheart, the dad of her child, and the leader of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, arrives suddenly and orders the Deadly Vipers to execute everybody at the wedding. The Bride endures and swears revenge.

Kill Bill Volume II


After four years, the Bride has effectively killed Deadly Vipers O-Ren Ishii and Vernita Green. She goes to the trailer of Bill's sibling and Deadly Viper Budd, wanting to trap him. Budd has been cautioned by Bill of her methodology; he shoots her in the chest with a shotgun impact of shake salt, at that point quiets her. He calls Elle Driver, another previous Deadly Viper, and orchestrates to offer her the Bride's special sword for a million dollars. He seals the Bride inside a pine box and covers her alive.

A long time prior, Bill tells the youthful Bride of the amazing hand to hand fighting expert Pai Mei and his Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, a final knockout that Mei declines to show his students; the strategy that as far as anyone knows kills any rival after they have made five strides. Bill takes the Bride to Mei's sanctuary for preparing. Mei scorns her and makes her preparation a torment, however she picks up his regard.In the present, the Bride uses Mei's martial arts techniques to break out of the coffin and claw her way to the surface.

Elle touches base at Budd's trailer and kills him with a dark mamba covered up with the cash for the sword. She calls Bill and reveals to him the Bride has murdered Budd and that Elle has executed the Bride. She utilizes the Bride's genuine name: Beatrix Kiddo. As Elle exits the trailer, Beatrix ambushes her and they battle. Elle, who was likewise instructed by Mei, insults Beatrix by uncovering that she harmed Mei in revenge for his culling out her eye. Beatrix culls out Elle's outstanding eye and abandons her shouting in the trailer with the dark mamba.

In Mexico, Beatrix meets a resigned pimp, Esteban Vihaio, who encourages her discover Bill. She tracks him to a lodging, and finds that their girl B.B. is as yet alive, now four years old. She spends the night the. After she puts B.B. to bed, Bill shoots Beatrix with a dart containing truth serum and intorgatres her. She describes a mission in which she found she was pregnant and clarifies that she cleared out the Deadly Vipers to give B.B. a better life. Bill explains that he expected she had kicked the bucket and grieved her for three months; ordered her assassination when he discovered she was alive  and connected with to a "jerk" he accepted was the dad of her child. Beatrix disables Bill and hits with Mei's Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, which she kept secret. Bill comes to accept her, makes five steps and dies. Beatrix leaves with B.B. to begin another life

The Kill Bill movies is considered one of the best revenge movies known and this is a movie that I can watch atleast once a week if I feel like it. In the Kill Bill movies I loved how it was about a mother getting revenge for the sake of her child; then to come to find out her child is alive. This movie is as close as to anime that I will get, these movies contain martial arts and is a very very blood spraying movie (I am not kidding). I would love for Kill Bill to have another movie but there is no point because she has already killed Bill. Just like any Quentin Tarantino movie he shows power when it comes to his characters. The Bride had a very strong attitude and took pain when it came to killing the people that tried to kill her and killed the people that she loves.