Ayana Gunn, The Georgia Doll of Atlanta

Ayana Gunn a.k.a Georgia Doll is the woman with a big plans that Atlanta is ready for. Her goals and ambitions have made her the independent, creative, beautiful woman that she is today. Check out my conversation with the admirable Ayana!


H.C: What’s your hometown?

A.G: Savannah Georgia

H.C: Zodiac Sign?

A.G: Cancer

H.C: Classification?

A.G: Senior

H.C: Major?

A.G: Mass Media Arts with a concentration in radio, television, and film

H.C: Since you’re a senior what do you plan to do after college?

A.G: Sleep *laughs. But I’m looking at expanding my business as a publicist. I have a public relations agency too. And I’m looking at graduate schools. So, I’m still trying to see what to do.

H.C: What advice would you have given your freshman self?

A.G: “Stop telling people your next move. Just do it.”

H.C: Have you learned anything new about yourself being at CAU?

A.G: I learned that I am very independent thinker, very creative, and innovative.

H.C: Organizations:

A.G: I am president of WSTU radio, which is an online radio here at CAU. Also, I am the business manager of Helping Hands. I do a lot of behind the scenes stuff for the school

H.C: Relationship Status:

A.G: I am single and happy

H.C: I was looking on your Instagram and I saw something called “Georgia Doll”. Can you tell me more about that?

A.G: My radio personality name is Georgia Doll, but Georgia Media Agency is the brand that I started without realizing it was a brand. My family background has always done radio. When I was in middle school and high school, I would do commercials and voice overs for different businesses such as summer camps. So, I’ve always had a passion for radio growing up. Coming into college my sophomore year, some scouted me and wanted me to be on their radio show. So, then artists started reaching out to me and wanted their music played on my different shows and at the time I only had my personal email and so I started making flyers saying that if you wanted your music played on my show send your music to my personal email. So, I decided that since my radio name was Georgia Doll, I created Georgia Media Agency as a brand. This started two years ago February 2015.

H.C: For me, I interview people making a difference at CAU. How is it for you to interview celebrities?

A.G: I’m numb to it now. I look for people who they are. When you treat celebrities like regular people then they’re calm but if you treat them like a celebrity then they’ll treat you like a fan and I don’t wanna be treated like a fan. But if they’re iconic I wouldn’t know what to do. If I met Kanye West I wouldn’t know what to do but I would keep it business. I feel like you meet them to build a relationship and you never know what might happen

H.C: I saw that you were crowned Miss. WSTU 2015-2016, how does it feel to have that title?

A.G: I was excited! There were so many girls going for it and I never held a position on Eboard for WSTU. So, I thought I wouldn’t win because the other girls running knew the judge personally then I did. But she saw my qualifications, so it spoke for itself.

H.C: Who in your life has been the most influential?

A.G: My mom.

H.C: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

A.G: I would go to Trinidad and Tobago

H.C: Thanksgiving is coming up, what are your plans?

A.G: I wanna stay here but it depends. So, this year since I’m not an RA and I have my own apartment, but I’ll see what my mom wants to do. If she wants to come here, then I’ll stay but she wants me to go home then I’ll go home.

H.C: What is your favorite meal to cook?

A.G: I cook anything. If I’m hungry I’ll make it. But my three most challenging dishes was a Sunday mid-dinner: Collard greens, mashed potatoes, macaroni, and fried chicken. Then Beef stew and crawfish and shrimp seafood fettuccini.  

H.C: If your friends and family could describe you in one word, what would it be?

A.G: Honest. I tell people stuff that they don’t need to know. If God forbid I was to do a crime I would end up telling on myself, I just give extra information that is not necessary. I’m just too honest.

H.C: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

A.G: Although I say I don’t wanna get married and have kids, I feel like 31 I don’t need to bored with movies. But career wise I want to be financially stable, and have a couple of office buildings and headquarters and become a CEO. But I guess I wanna be married; I’ll be a great auntie. I want to travel and go when I want to go,

H.C: What inspires you? With has there been in a moment in your life that you think you