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The Amazing Keith Powers

This week, a few of our Her Campus cuties had the opportunity to meet Keith Powers at an impromptu classroom visit at Clark Atlanta University. He brought along a few of his friends as well: Ryan Destiny, who plays Alexandria in the FOX TV show ‘STAR’ and ‘Luke James,’ who also plays a role in STAR and also played Johnny Gill in The New Edition Story.

As the huge fan girl I am, as soon as I got word that Keith would be gracing us with his presence, I dropped everything and flew across campus to sit front row. When he arrived, he played the shy and modest role before breaking out of his shell and sharing details about his experience as an actor. He talked about developing his craft, starting from modeling into acting and maintaining his driven mindset, even while becoming one of the best in the industry. So, you’re still not sure who I’m talking about? You’re not familiar with this handsome man and his talents? Or, you just want to know what’s been up with Keith Powers? We’ve got you covered!

Most recently, Keith stared in a Netflix Original film, #REALITYHIGH.

This film is about a high school girl who struggles with her status in the schools food chain of popularity. After dating Keith, she realizes that she’s cool the way she is and doesn’t have to change who she is to fit in. It’s a really good film and I highly recommend it.

Keith also starred in Tales on BET. Tales is a show based on amazing R&B and Hip Hop classics. 

Keith’s specific episode, Cold Hearted, was about an aspiring rapper named Gutta who is murdered by his best friend. Honestly, this episode was hard to watch knowing that he would ultimately pass away at the end. The cool thing about Tales is that the characters are interpreting 2-3 minute songs in such a realistic way.

A really cool show that Keith is starring in as well is Freeform’s Famous in Love. 

Keith plays an actor and love interest for quite a few women in this show, which ultimately gets him in a bit of trouble. It’s okay Keith, I have faith that you will get it together and possibly get back with Tangey. 

So, I know that we’ve all seen The New Edition Story on BET. If you haven’t, you’re really missing out. 

This three part miniseries is great! Keith plays Ronnie DeVoe, alongside a few other amazing actors including Algee Smith and Caleb McLaughlin.

Here’s a few pictures from the classroom visit:

Photo Credits: ThumbnailRealityHigh, Tales, Famous in LoveNew Edition

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