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Affordable Amazon Finds to Spice Up Your Space

The semester has officially begun, meaning you’ve made it through the literal hell that was 2020. For starters, from me to you, I’d like to congratulate you for just surviving. Good job. 


Although some schools opted to remain remote for the spring semester, a good chunk decided to bring students back on campus — Clark Atlanta University being one of them. With students moving on campus during a pandemic, budgets are more than likely to be tight. If you’d like to spice up your dorm (or at home bedroom like I), check out these “balling on a budget” Amazon finds that are sure to spice up any living space. 

Galaxy Star Projector

If you are active on Twitter, chances are you’ve seen one of these bad boys promoted under a viral tweet or two. However, they range from anywhere from $60-$80. Lucky for you, though, I’ve found a cheaper alternative for only $45.


These compact yet powerful light projectors turn any room into a vibe within an instant. It comes with a timer and 10 colors that can be combined, creating even more. The best part, you ask? The whole thing can be powered using an app on your phone. Of course, it comes with a remote, but by downloading the SmartLife app, you can control your lights using Bluetooth. I will admit that it was kind of a struggle setting the app up, but it was well worth it once I got it down. 

Three Piece Floating Wall Shelves

These were a lifesaver. Although I *technically* put these up in my bathroom, they can be used for virtually anything. I opted to place my air freshener, baby wipes and a cute little plan on mine. Before I had these things resting on top of the toilet and it just made everything feel cluttered. These double as great storage, and nice wall decoration. 

Boho Color Art Prints

Are you going for a more neutral color scheme? Are your walls bare and need a little extra je ne sais quoi? These gorgeous prints are sure to give any space a sophisticated, yet homey feel.


Fluyto created eight prints, all for only $14.95. It comes with four pictures of refined women, a sunset and abstract art pieces. Unfortunately, they do not come with frames, but with a price like that, you can’t beat it. I went and purchased $2 frames from Walmart and they paired together great!

The tenacious Arianna Johnson is a junior mass media arts major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in political science at thee illustrious Clark Atlanta University. She's from the place where bigger is better: Dallas, Texas. This means that her love for BBQ is almost as big as her love for her state! She enjoys writing, shopping, makeup and here recently, doing nails. She hopes to one day write for CNN, Teen Vogue, Essence and more. If you're looking for sarcasm, political commentary, Black girl struggles, all things beauty and everything in between, then she's your girl!
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