Aalyiah Heath, Miss Clark Atlanta University

Clark Atlanta University has many “celebrities” on its campus, but one of the most well known is Miss Clark Atlanta University herself, Aalyiah Heath. Aalyiah is a senior fashion design major from Detroit, Michigan and is heavily involved on campus (if you didn’t already know!). Aalyiah’s platform as Miss CAU is P.O.P.: Pursuit of Purpose; helping individuals find their God given destiny. On a daily basis you might find her asking, “What makes you POP?” to students around campus. Aalyiah is also involved in the Orientation Guide Corps and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She strives to be a role model for all of her peers and to motivate and educate those around her. She is the epitome of what school spirit is all about! 

Favorite quote: “My lifetime is short but my spirit's time is infinite.”

Favorite food: steak, bbq chicken, & cereal after every meal

Favorite color: red

Favorite hangout spot: home (with my friends)

What inspires you? “What inspires me is people’s daily lives and hearing the things that people go through which motivates me and empowers me to keep going.”

Why CAU? “I don’t feel like I chose CAU, I feel like CAU chose me. Coming from high school, I didn’t want to come to Atlanta and I came up with every excuse for why I shouldn’t be at CAU. But when I got here and I met the OGs (Orientation Guides), they made it feel like this was the place for me. I prayed on it and didn’t get enough money from financial aid, so I asked God why he was giving me all these ‘No’s’ and when I stepped foot on campus, everything became a ‘Yes’. I felt that my energy belonged here.”

Organizations on campus? “Heavenly Divine Praise Dance, The Pearl Bearing Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Executive member of the Orientation Guide Core, Founder of the Make a Difference Movement, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society”

Favorite part of being Miss CAU? “My favorite part is meeting new people every time I do something new. I have an Open Door Policy in my office and people come in and hang out and we can go from talking about the simplest thing to something so much more. It really reminds me of why I do what I do especially learning people’s life stories sitting in my office.”

One piece of advice? “Don’t rush each day. It may get tedious each day and get harder than the day before enjoy it and find something worth living for in each day.”