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6 Things Seniors Can Look Forward to for Graduation

Another semester has gone by and it is getting closer and closer to graduation for the seniors. And while at some point you were ready to be a senior and graduate, you may soon find yourself wishing that you had not been in such a rush. However, Her Campus CAU has a few things that you can look forward to that should make you smile!

1. No more class scheduling. No more scheduling meetings with advisors to see what classes you need to take. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of setting appointments and making sure you beat your colleagues to certain classes before they fill up.

2. No more exams, quizzes and tests. This is the END of that! No more stressing about how you're going to pass your Calculus test on Monday because those days are over.

3. No more homework. You don't have to worry about staying up until 4 am to finish your Canvas assignments that are due at 8 am.

4. No more caf food. The end of eating cafeteria meals three times a day. You can now indulge in whatever food your heart desires.

5. Interviews. Being able to finally apply to those jobs that you have had your eyes set on for years and being able to use all the knowledge and experience that you have received during your matriculation at your institution.

6. Commencement. Lastly, walking across that stage in front of your family and friends and receiving that feeling of joy because you have finally completed what you set out to do.

Now that you have read these things that you can look forward to, you are now prepared to go into the graduation season with your head held high and feeling confident about your next steps in life. If you ever need a pick me up or two, just be sure to revert back to this. Good luck and congratulations graduates!

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