5 Ways to Save Your Relationship from Crumbling

While in college, you may encounter a friend or two that are in an off-and-on relationship. These types of relationships are highly common, especially since we’re young and have the rest of our lives to make serious relationships. But for you ladies who are you in a relationship that is just too good to let go, well this blog is specifically for you! Don’t mind your friends who don’t see the potential in your beau or gal. Who knows, your relationship may have its ups and downs, but end up as a happily ever after, just like Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris. Here are some tips to help you along the way!

1.    Communicate. Talking is key to any relationship, but most times it can be misused through social media. Communicating does not mean yelling at each at the top of your lungs to get a point across. Remember, we are trying to salvage the bond. When the honeymoon stage is over and the relationship is going left, “THE TALK” is the next necessary action. According to Huffing Post, the best way to approach your loved one is to engage in a convo of their interest. Then, offer your side of the story and stay away from stressful topics that can cause negative emotions. Also, show body motion to indicate that you’re listening.

2.    Re-evaluate the reasons you’re together. After months of being together, some relationships lose their sizzle. This doesn’t mean that you two are headed for “Splits-ville”, but you may want to remember what things attracted you to one another. What silly characteristic drew you to this person? Did they change over the course of the relationship or did you? No relationship is perfect (unless you’re Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, LOL), that is why it is important to remember that the both of you are still growing individually and want the best out of each other, so keep calm.

3.    Exclude third parties. This relationship is only for two! That’s right! Don’t listen to your friends who only see the outside of the relationship. Although their advice is valuable, at times, you make the ultimate decision, not them. In this generation of the technology era, it is best to keep your relationship private rather than broadcasting it out to the world.

4.    Forgive each other. The past is the past, so keep it there. Holding on to dreadful memories only hurts you more. The goal is to progress through hardships and detach negativity from your spirits. Yes ladies, this means you shouldn’t relive former incidents and use them as a defense weapon against your significant other. This will only make matters worse and we do not want this to be breakup #4 of the relationship cycle. Just remember that forgiveness does not happen overnight. it is a process, so take your time.

5.     Set boundaries. A relationship is a two-way street. Whatever rules you set in place for your partner, make sure you set similar ones to yourself. If you want your partner to stop being flirtatious towards other women, then you should follow the same principle. Be honest and reasonable when you set rules with your partner, also be prepared and accept the guidelines they set for you, too.