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5 Tips to Becoming An HCCAU Girl!

HerCampusCAU is one of the most inclusive and nurturing organizations. The meaning of sisterhood is exuberated throughout the women in the organization. Each woman has a specialty of their own that when put together shows resilience, strength, and creativity through a lens of divine femininity. Since being in this organization since my freshman year at Clark Atlanta University, I can only say that it has aided in my development as a prospering journalist and young lady. There was never a moment where I felt like everyone could not be in the spotlight. If you are nervous about applying here are some tips to help aid in your confidence in hitting submit!

Miranda, Chapter President
Miranda Perez
  1. Be You! – I know its super cliché when someone tells you to be you but it one of the oldest truths. Everyone has something special about them whether they know it or not. Showcasing yourself can only help you. Even showcasing traits of who you aspire to be soon can help you stick out compared to others who tend to heavily follow trends. 
  2. Find/Focus Your Passion- You may already know your media niche and want to use HCCAU as the time to develop your craft but if you don’t use this time in the org to develop one. You may find that you really love to be a part of the social aspect. Making posts and live tweeting just might be your thing. You may also find that you like to write more and track stories. You may also be that person who likes to have their hand into everything but either way HCCAU has a place for you. 
  3. Be Committed- This org is not just something you do in your spare time. It takes dedication and hard work. Become the boss you’ve always envisioned for yourself. I could at times consider it a lifestyle because I have implemented techniques learned from being in HCCAU into other parts of my life. I’ve become a REAL HCCAU girl. 
  4. Be Nice- It should go without saying to be nice, but some have a mentality where they think it’s a competition. Everyone is working at their own pace and cheering one another one. No one in the org is competing for anything. There is enough room for everyone at the top. Being genuine and motivating will always get you far. 
  5. Have Fun! – It may sound like all HCCAU does is get to work (Which we do LOL) but we manage or time to have fun. We have multiple events to get to know each other and grow to become the family we are today. Don’t be afraid to reach to someone via IG and start to build a bond. Also never be afraid to attend one of the bonding events that HCCAU throws through the semesters. 

Chassee'Palmer is a Sophomore Mass Media arts with a concentration in Journalism at Clark Atlanta University. She was born and raised in Charleston,South Carolina so she has a strong love for seafood and beaches. She loves skin care products and whenever she gets bored she tends to online shop (ALOT). You can follow her on instagram @chas.see to view her various shopping hauls.
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