4 Signs Guys Show When They're Interested

The thought of wondering if a guy is interested or not, always crosses a girls mind when she’s texting him. Sitting and contemplating “Does he really like me?’ or “Why is he even texting me?” or the common question “Does he just want sex?”. After reading Makena Gera’s 4 Texts Guys Send When They’re Not Interested, I can assure that we will no longer be clueless when texting guys. Thankfully Makena shared valuabe information in that article, so now women aren’t oblivious to the signs and wasting their valuable time!

Now knowing the 4 texts that guys send when they’re NOT interested, it’s time for you to know the 4 signs guys show when they ARE in fact interested in you. Just like being unaware of not knowing guys are uninterested, you can be unaware that he does like you.

1. He texts you back in .2 seconds

To some women, they love that instant text back some a guy and some women find it overwhelming. As soon you text him back, lock your phone and put it down. Then PING! You’ve received a notification! Like jeez didn’t I just put my phone down? Guy’s know what they do and don’t like, most of them are very blunt with honesty.

Most guys will text back when they feel like it. If he is interested in you then he won’t purposely leave a big time gap in the conversation and if he does, he will most definitely let you know why he was gone for so long.

2.  He texts “Good Morning” EVERY MORNING

It should be normal that you get a Good Morning text from someone that’s interested in you but if he does it every day? Then he’s really into you. Him waking up every morning texting you means that you are one of the first things that cross his mind in the morning. Even if from the night before you accidentally fell asleep on him during the conversation and he still texts you the next morning first.

3. He always wants detail

Sometimes people don’t feel like explaining themselves but if he always wants to know what you're doing and never texts you with one-word texts then he’s into you. He actually wants to know who you are. To know your likes and dislikes

For example, you're texting a guy; 

Her: I’m about to eat some wings

Him: Oh okay, what's the flavor?


Why does he need to know the flavor of the wings you're eating? It’s not important, but he wants to know who you are! He wants to be able to remember the little things about you so when he sees things out in public and you two aren’t together he’ll think about you.​

4. He doesn’t want sex

If you’re texting a guy and within four days of going back and forth through the text he doesn't ask one question about sex then he’s really interested. Guys usually ask the typical questions “Are you a virgin?”, “What’s your body count?” or they’ll even ask even more explicit questions that are most of the time none of their business. Only asking questions that pertain to getting to know you as a person.

Sadly, in this time it’s rare that a guy doesn’t ask for sex immediately after talking for a few days. Asking for sex shows their true colors of what they really want. That typical saying of “Hit it and quit it.” comes into play of the male species more so of females. Not asking for sex also indicates he wants to know you emotionally before he knows you physically and sexually. Which he should.