10 Things CAU Students Learn After Freshmen Year.


  1. Find a way or make one is real. The slogan, "I'll find a way or make one" simply means to find any and every to get things done. When there many routes for you to take create your own. It applies to almost everything: career, school, goals, etc.This saying will follow you for the rest of your life.
  2. The value of a dollar. Unless you were born with a silver spoon or parents to provide for you financially, you began to learn and appreciate the value of a dollar really quick.  Because mommy and daddy are no longer handing out cash; budgeting becomes your best friend. You begin to make wise decisions on small things such as: rather you should go out to eat or cook, should you buy clothes for this season or the next season, are bundles of Malaysian hair really worth your hard earned money, or can you deal with your natural hair for a couple more weeks. Side note: Do not get discouraged. This is a learning curve and will shape you for a better future.
  3. You have issues. During freshmen year, we are all sort of going with the wind. Trying to find our way through something new. Figuring out the ropes and using them to our advantage. Depending on the person; freshmen year at CAU can either break you or make you. The transition stage will reveal issues that you never realized you had until you stepped out of your comfort zone. Issues:  social anxiety, procrastination, self-confidence/self-worth, depression, ETC. Embrace those things. They make you who you are by helping you become a better you.
  4. Building yourself and brand. As a business major, you learn to look at yourself as your brand. Every day, when you walk up and down the promenade you're marketing or promoting who you are. Sounds intimidating, however, business is a “judgy” industry. (Trust me, I hate it too.) You start investing in yourself and making your career a priority. Get a head start instead of waiting until you graduate. It definitely will save months, even years of hard work.
  5. Time management is key. You can no longer stay up late at night binging on Netflix or youtube; knowing that you have an 8AM class. You have to make decisions on rather you should go out to that party or study for your exam. If you’re an involved on campus, aiming to make high grades, and working part time, you know that there isn’t enough time in a day to get everything you need to get done. Writing out a schedule from the time you get out of bed until the time you got to sleep can help drastically.
  6. Networking is a MAJOR key. By now, you should that are not here in college to get a degree. You are also here to network with others. Connect with people in different fields. You never know who may have the keys to success. That guy you met earlier knows a person who runs an accounting firm and can you give you the scoop or introduce you to the owner for a internship/job. See where going with this? Your degree is a representation of where you went to school and how you got through. Your networking what will push you further.
  7. The value of friendships. Freshmen year is your transitioning stage. You probably are the most vulnerable, alone, stressed, depressed, or the complete opposite. Either way, the great thing about this is that you are not alone. They are hundreds of students who feel the same exact way you feel. People just aren't as vocal about their emotions and business. The group of friends that you form in college tends to be the best and the most real.
  8. Setting priorities. A lot of us tend to forget why we’re in college. It's okay to “turn up” and “live life.” But please understand, when it is time for you to walk across that stage, what valuable lessons did you learn while “turning up?” It is important to take time out for yourself however, there is such thing as too much time. Sometimes you have to turn off your phone to get that 5-page essay done, make yourself go to the library to limit your distractions, and a lot of the times surround yourself with people who have the same mindset, but who you can learn from. You never want to be the smartest person in the room. How will you grow individually? This brings me to my next point.
  9. Learning to be alone… (not isolated.) When you prioritize, you begin to realize you aren’t missing out on anything when you're getting your stuff together. Being in school, fully depending on your own takes courage, discipline, and sacrifice. While your friends are at the most live AUC party, you are stuck in your dorm finding out ways to go from a C’ average in calculus to an A’.  You are perfecting your craft. Doing so, can possibly mean being alone. This is the stage that shows your character and builds your stamina or resilience. It’s okay to shut down everything external and improve internally.
  10. Everything pays off. After freshmen year, examining who you were before you stepped foot on the promenade, changes your whole perspective. You become wiser and knowledgeable of who you are as a person.  If after freshmen year, your mindset hasn’t changed take time out to be in tuned with yourself.