Zodiac Signs: Each Zodiac Sign Friend

Friends are the family that we can chose and those with whom we share our greatest adventures. They are the ones we tell our secrets to and and these people are who learn to love our qualities and also our flaws, and this is how the human relationships are made of! But how our main features can influence in the way that we approach people? What makes each relationship unique? Let’s figure that out with astrology and learn what each zodiac sign friend has to teach us.

1. Aries

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Like everything in aries life, their friendships tend to be very intense, with very energetic people, but sometimes ephemeral. An aries girl probably won’t be the first one to apologize after a discussion, eventually caused by her impulsiveness, but will always be a loyal friend. Besides that, for being a zodiac sign ruled by the Mars planet, aries likely will have more male friends.

2. Taurus

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Ruled by Venus, goddess Aphrodite’s planet, Taurus girls tend to have many women friends. This zodiac sign is represented by a tree trunk in the nature, what means that people who have the sun in taurus will have very stable relationships. Therefore, taurus girls value their friendships a lot, which sometimes becomes a problem because they are very jealous people. These friends are always ready to netflix and chill.

3. Geminis

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Geminis are the impersonation of the phrase “who has mouth goes to Rome”, so they are people of many friends. Usually, they enjoy going out and having some fun. Geminis’ friends also need to get used to waiting till their friend’s kiss is over, because a good Geminis will always have a list of crushes in the club. They are great for chatting and to reveal all the gossip.

4. Cancer

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If the shoulder friend had a zodiac sign, it would be for sure Cancer! For being extremely fraternal people, they will have their friends’ back like a real family. The Cancer friend is a true big momma, always willing to protect their girls.

5. Leo

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Leo is a very kind friend. They’re people who express their feelings through attitudes (they may have some rude advices), but they will always help you to redo yourself and see the good side of things. She can surprise you with some very creative gifts and literally will shine your life!

6. Virgo


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A Virgo girl is very selective with her friends and, because of it, she appreciates quality over quantity. She tends to have more serious and mature friends, so she might be unsociable in the eyes of others. She will be, however, a very dedicated friend who is always worried about pleasing everyone.

7. Libra

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The love’s zodiac sign would have nothing more to offer to their friends. Libra girls will probably have beautiful women friends and a very harmonious relationship with her people. As a good diplomat, she will always mediate conflicts between friends and establish peace between them. A Libra girl needs the other, so she will always value her friendships too much.

8. Scorpio

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They are people who understand what needing help is, so they always try to give their best to help others as well. Scorpio girls run away from futile friends and just know how to love where they can be intense. For being very incisive, they may have problems to give up on toxic friendships, but once they do, it’s forever.

9. Sagittarius

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Lucky of you who has a sag friend to call your! Sagittarius joy will always inspire and awaken the best in the people around a Sagittarius girl. They are friends with good advices that make you believe in your dreams and especially in yourself, besides being the best travel partners.

10. Capricorn

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Despite being a little bit introspective in the eyes of others, Capricorn girls can be very affectionate when they feel comfortable. It is true that they are people of few friends, but they’re  the most loyal zodiac sign. The sincerity of these girls is able to hug and sometimes their rationality is important to bring the friends’ feet back to the ground.

11. Aquarius

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Aquarius girls like to be with people with whom they can feel themself. They will always be the revolutionary one in the squad, that one who does not follow the majority. Their creative ideas, however, will touch people, who will love them just because of their strong personality, because they know they can count on those girls.

12. Pisces

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A Pisces girl takes care of their friends and is also taken care by them. The sensibility of this zodiac sign will guide friends to people who are calm and able to aid in their spiritual evolution. Pisces girls understand the true meaning of empathy and they will never drop your hand