Zodiac Signs: 4 Girls Who Represent Gemini

The Sun is already in Gemini! According to the Greek mythology, Gemini is fruit of the union between Aries and Taurus, so this Zodiac Sign is marked by multiplicity, and at the same time, by unity, which gives Gemini women the ability to have many sides in one person.

Image Source: Pinterest

To illustrate this mysterious Zodiac Sign, let’s figure out a few curiosities, meeting some of these girls.

Image Source: Pinterest

  1. 1. Maisa

    With all her resourcefulness since she was a kid, the girl is the personification of this Zodiac Sign. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of the communication, Gemini is a very talkative Sign, just like Maisa, the most popular digital influencer in Brazil.

    Her talent is remarkable and she has an impressive flexibility to understand other points of view, an important Geminis feature.

  2. 2. Yasmin Brunet

    Our mermaid is a daughter of the Air, the element of nature that represents this Zodiac Sign. As a good Gemini woman, she appreciates to learn and share new things: Yasmin was responsible for disseminating issues like vegetarianism and astrology in social networks.

    Besides that, the model always try to channel her energies, which is very important, since the Gemini has a tendency to engage herself in gossips and conversations about other people.

  3. 3. Fernanda Souza

    The eternal Chiquitita carry with her one of the most striking Geminis features: the good mood. She can be very funny in a very spontaneous way, so we all feel like we are her friends just by following her, probably because she is very authentic.

    Thus, Fernandinha can take advantage of one of the highest vibrations of this Zodiac Sign, using the gift of communication in her favor and for the benefit of society.

  4. 4. Gretchen

    About to complete 60 years old, she can prove that one never forgets the first Queen of Butt.

    Gretchen’s irreverence and charisma make her a perfect Gemini girl, always ahead of her time, since she was one of the first artists to raise the flag of the LGBT cause, assuming her transsexual son publicly, for example. The cheerful and contagious spirit of her work represents this Zodiac Sign a lot.