Zodiac Signs: 4 Aries Characters


The Sun is in Aries, so let’s meet some of the characters in our favorite series and movies which could easily be of this zodiac sign.

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  1. 1. Regina George

    The impulsiveness and the power of leadership makes her more than the Queen of Queens, being the perfect definition of this zodiac sign. The Mean Girl is capable of anything less than turning necks, and does not measure efforts to achieve what she desires. Regina is also VERY rude (sometimes cruel) in her words, which can often hurt people around her. Thus, her biggest weakness is her ego.

  2. 2. Georgina Sparks

    Back to New York ready to wake up all Serena’s demons, Georgina is the personification of Aries’ wickedness. She does everything in her power to control the Upper East Side and even the Queen B admires her brilliant evils. When any problem appears, the bad girl comes on the scene with all her initiative and good ideas.

  3. 3. Daenerys Targaryen

    The Mother of Dragons defeat her enemies with fire - the main element of the zodiac sign that leaves no doubt about Daenerys’s Sun. Like a good Aries girl, she never runs away from a good fight and is always willing to go to the end of the world for her ideals. A natural leader, the Game of Thrones protagonist built her own army, freeing many slaves and becoming known as “Breaker of Chains”, which reinforces Aries’ deep sense of justice.


  4. 4. Aria Montgomery

    Aries and Aria looks like names of a couple of twins, but our PLL favorite writer represents the supremacy of the desire in this zodiac sign life. Aria gets involved with Ezra, her literature teacher. Even if it puts their  careers at risk, she surrenders to this passion, which tells a lot about how love manifests itself in this zodiac sign: it’s here and now! Besides that, the liar is a little proud sometimes, despite being very sensible too.

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