YouTube Channels That Everyone Needs To Watch

Because of quarantine, days are getting way longer and boring. All you do is fight with your siblings, work and watch the same old things... So let's change that. These are some new ways to have fun! Prepare your notebook and pencil, let's make this quarantine really interesting by writing it down some new channels on YouTube for you to watch. Check it out:

  1. 1. Vivieuvi

    If you like art (or want to learn more about it), this channel is perfect for you. Vivi Vilanova started making Youtube videos five years ago and they are all about art. Her channel is truly interesting because she explains in a very easy way for us dummies to understand. Usually, there are two videos per week, so you should reserve 30 minutes on your weekly routine to watch this channel.

    Tip: start with the “50 facts” playlist, it's the best one.

  2. 2. Genius

    Music. What would humans be without it? This channel presents artists explaining the meaning of the lyrics of their songs. In general, most of the artists are international but the brazilians are not out, Anitta shows explaining two of her hits: “Medicina” and “Veneno”. It's a great channel to meet other singers and decode that song you love.

  3. 3. Nátaly Neri

    Graduated in Social Science, Nátaly Neri approached so many different subjects that it's hard to explain what is the focus of her channel. Reflects on veganism, gender, consumption habits, aromatherapy, makeup, thrift clothes, race, slow living and much more. Nowadays it is so important listening speeches that make you reflect about your privileges, healthier food habits and how all this affects your personal life. If you want to learn more about society, it's the perfect channel.

  4. 4. Baumgartner Restoration

    Tired of seeing guys building an entire house made of mud at 3 a.m? Baumgartner Restoration is perfect entertainment for existential crises at midnight, because you can learn about art from it. The channel shows techniques to conserve artwork for future generations, methods to paint an old frame, how to clean it, knowing the best way to restore. The final result is so satisfying, because you see an old painting turn into a brand new one. Looks like they did a surgery on the portrait.

  5. 5. Política Sem Mistérios

    Made to facilitate people's life, this channel talks about politics but in a very didactic way. Brazilian policy can be really tricky and difficult, so this channel is here to make it easier bringing the public closer to the daily life of politics and the national congress. It's worth watching.

  6. 6. DancingBacons

    It was time for a food channel! DancingBacons is all about cuisine but especially the eastern ones. A great way to learn more about different food habits is watching this delicious channel. Seeing people cooking distinctly than the westerns can be a little choking at first, but knowing another culture through their food is really impressive and fascinating to see. A really yummy channel.


The article above was edited by Thays Avila.

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