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Young Women Are the Most Affected by Depression

“My parents did not respond very well about it. I think they were surprised… In the beginning, they were against my medication and they thought it was just a phase or whining”. Amelia, 19 years old.

Modernity: busy life, anxiety, unrest, traumas. Which one of those troubles of the 21th century is the main cause for a depression crisis? Depression reaches about 350 million people around the world according to data from WHO (World Health Organization). The age group that suffers the most with this illness are the teenagers and young between 14 and 29 years old with the main of women.

Depression still has unknown reasons. There are risks about making a correct diagnosis in a short period; it can disturbs both patient and doctor. This makes the treatment longer.

“Since I was 12 years old I went to a psychologist, and when things were going bad, she referred me to a specialized doctor. My parents were sensitized and helped me in the treatment.” Marina, 19 years old.

“I discovered that I was depressed when my psychologist told me. I often felt sad and cut myself a few times, but I never thought I had depression. For me, depression was whining.” Samantha, 21 years old.

“I cried every single day after school. I suffered a lot with bullying, and bullying led me to eat disorderly, and in the end, in heavy a depression.” Karen, 20 years old.

As reported by psychotherapist Claudia Dellamonica, depression has many causes and it is a complex disease, therefore each patient has a single treatment. In the case of women, she explained why they are the main group reached. “Women have a lot of things to do, house, children and job. However, in the case of young and teenagers they have increasing hormone rates. It is not a fact that some women have to interrupt menstruation, because hormones can trigger some depression crisis. Despite all of this, there is still the social aspect and sexist behavior towards women.”

Finally, she added the importance of the family to keep an eye on loneliness and sudden behavior changes.

Of the four girls mentioned in the text, two had already been healed and the others two are still being treated. All of them said that the best you can do is seek for a professional help.

To finish, a sentence from Marina that really touches me. “Difficult phases are part of life, and the world works in a really chaotic way, so it is normal to feel lost sometimes. The psychiatric treatment is still labeled, despite the fuzzy opinions surrounding the subject, there are trained professionals working hard.”

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