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March 21st is the day we celebrate the most beautiful manifestation of art among all manifestations of art — and this is a without shamefully assumed partial opinion: Poetry.

I’m a huge poetry admirer and if I say: these guys you’re about to read are simply the best you could find because I’ve done my work and research. They transformed words into the next level of grace, prettiness, and, sometimes, criticism.

Literature is that plant growing in the middle of cracks in the sidewalk. Where the difficulty is, so the poems are — and we must agree that Latin America has a lot of these cracks, which takes us to the most resistant and colorful kinds of plants (or poets, oops).


Conceição Evaristo

Brazilian, poor, and black, Conceição Evaristo challenged all stereotypes to become a teacher and writer. Since poetry until being a storyteller, today is renowned for her versatility in writing.
Her poems talk about the historical reverberations of slavery in Brazil, the power of hearing our ancestors, and a mix of sorrow and love for those who will go through the same as she because of the prejudice of black culture in the world.
My suggestion is to begin with “Da calma e do silêncio”, “Vozes-Mulheres”, “Certidão de Óbito”, “Para a menina” and “De mãe”.

Mario Benedetti

Uruguayan poet and writer, Mario Benedetti has a long list of emeritus works, including participation in cinema, with movie scripts, and more than eighty books published.
His life story is like a soap opera to be seen, considering his exile for twelve years (political reasons), in which he took shelter in several countries, such as Argentina, Peru, and Cuba.   
With an easy language, he mixes all kinds of subjects and brings a bit of comfort — warm in the heart — with his way to see life.
I recommend “Intimidad”, “Amor de Tarde”, Las palabras”, “Ayer” and “Gente que eu gosto”.

Isabel Allende

Born in Peru, with Chilean nationality and legally recognized as an American citizen, Isabel Allende has more historical background than we can imagine reading her poems — her uncle once was Chile’s president!
Surrounded with sadness, nostalgia, and full of life knowledge, she presents us with wisdom about small things that happen every day — such as breathing or big life-changing events, like death.  
Beautiful and short is what features her writing and reading her is like a wake-up after a really good nap. Revigorating!
I would begin with “Silencio”, “Escribir”, “La muerte no existe”, “La poesia es…” and “Aprender”.

Jorge Luis Borges

Born in Argentina with a privileged life, Borges had words in his hands from a young age and made huge progress with the facilities that were given to him (for example, at the age of ten, he translated Oscar Wilde‘s works).
His works include poetry, essays, and tales, usually with fantastic and metaphysic themes. The comprehension isn’t easy, however, it’s worth it.
Having progressive blindness, his state only contributed even more to his writing, since he was able to create symbols through imagination – using his own words “who knows himself better than the blind? Because every thought becomes a tool“.
I recommend start with “Ausencia”, “Despedida”, “El enamorado” and “Soy”.

Cecília Meireles

Finishing with another Brazilian poet — I said I wouldn’t be impartial — we have Cecília Meireles: writer, teacher, journalist, painter, and traveler.
She participated in a lot of conferences about education and the educational system in general and contributed to Brazilian culture dissemination around the world.
Her poems influence psychoanalysis, talking about society, time and nature contemplation, and growing as a woman (with discoveries about our bodies and souls pictured in a very respectful way).
My favorites are “Elegia”, “Retrato”, “Motivo”, “Tanta tinta” and “Discurso”. 


This article was edited by Amanda Oestreich.

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