World Photo Day: Casperians Through Their Lens

Inside a communication university, we learn to communicate ourselves in different ways. We can transmit the same message using voice, video, text, infographics, charge, and lots of other methods. However, one of the favourites kinds of expression, all over the world, is through photography. Today, August 19th, is the World Photography Day, and seizing this, we decided to show some of the casperians that decided to follow the amazing career of photographers. 

Larissa Basilio

Although she is Freshman of Journalism, this casperian is graduated in Photography at Belas Artes University, and now she plans to follow photojournalism, addressing mainly political and cultural expressions. “Since I can remember, I have always been fascinated with arts, of all kinds. When I was 16 years old, I got paranoid with the idea and coverage of photography - it browses between two worlds, can be communication, can be artistic expression, or can be both”. Larissa started photographing with her smartphone, and, realizing that she got skills for it, she borrowed her friend’s cameras, “I really felt good doing this”. At Belas Artes, Larissa fell in love for all that she learned. “Photography is the best way for me to express myself, the way that I show how I am and what I want of this world”

Pedro Piai

This sophomore of Publicity and Advertising had the first contact with photography due to his grandfather, who was a photographer. Pedro used to help she with the camera settings when his grandfather changed for digital cameras. On behalf of that, he increased the taste for it and began to photograph. “When I photograph, I feel free to outline my feelings and views about something, which could be a photo essay at an amusement park or the coverage of some band show”. Now, he is planning to open a photo exhibition with a friend. And he dreams of, one day, working with big photographers as Ryan McGinley, Steven Klein, Terry Richardon, and others.

Vitor Zocarato


“I’m passionate about photography because it makes me able to create poetry of the immobility and, therefore, to be a storyteller”, told us the Junior of Publicity and Advertising. When Vitor was twelve, he began to photograph at a cousin wedding. The photographer of the wedding was fascinated about the way he observed the images, so he called Vitor to help. This year will be 10 years that he take part of this world and 7 years that he started to work professionally, at international weddings or corporations events. He got the company “Vitor Fotografia” since 4 years now.

Lorena Alves

Lorena, a freshman of Journalism, unit photojournalism with her activism: “See that there is a way of photograph in our space of struggle is something pretty good”. She has been working for collaborative medias, as “Midia Ninja”, where many times she covered photographically the events, and most of the times she needed to use her phone, showing, as many photographers nowadays, that “the most important is the vision and the reason that you put in your photography".