Workplace: Tips On Your First Job

From the moment teenagers get into college, one of their biggest worries becomes finding an internship and start working with the profession they chose for a living. The first step to conquer that is unique and fits for everybody: having a good curriculum can guarantee you some good job opportunities.

Thinking about that, Her Campus gathered different Casperian girls’ stories about their internships' experiences.

Victória Mandotti, a Public Relations student, works in a company specialized in nutrition and sports. “We are a company run only by women (#GIRLPOWER)”. She told Her Campus that the company’s head office stays in Rio de Janeiro and, because of that, she always have to face new responsibilities: “I work with almost everything, from production of events to speaking to a client. In less than a year, I’ve already done two events for the company, even one with Rede Globo.”

Dorys Dantas, who studies Radio, TV & Internet, works at TV Gazeta since 2016. “I met someone that recommended me. They evaluated my profile, read one essay I wrote, then I had an interview with the director and I was hired.”. She told that has done a little bit of everything and knows the experience was worthy: “I learn a lot there and I’ve been through all the positions. Today, I know how a live show works and this is amazing”. When asked about what is the good side and the worst side of the internship, she points out the good parts can surpass the bad ones. “The learning was amazing. I’ve always been inquisitive and I wanted to learn more, which now I see how it can make the difference. The only bad part is that working and studying at the same time is not easy, you have to learn how to use your time wisely.”

Isabella Câmara, a Journalism student, affirmed that she’s lived some good experiences but also some bad ones. “In the internship I am currently working, everything is very light. I socialize with the other employees and learn something new everyday. My boss is very attentive and I have autonomy to do things by myself”. However, everything hasn’t been always this good: “On the other hand, I’ve already suffer moral harassment from a female boss I’ve had last year”.

Viviane Garbelini, graduated at Faculdade Cásper Líbero in 2011, gave some tips on how girls can stop a common problem: sexual harassment at the workplace. “The speeches and the environment itself are extremely sexist”. Viviane highlights that, at these situations, feminism can become our very best friend. “I think it’s our responsibility to raise awareness e point out sexist situations. We have to explain why some specific situation is considered harassment and why it is important to have a place for feminism”. Viviane also affirmed that, thanks to the visibility some feminist movements are getting, the scenario is more likely to suffer a drastic transformation. “I think the tendency now is that will exist more space for us to talk about this problem. In the past, there was almost no awareness to discuss it.”

Specially to the new interns, Viviane tips are fundamental to ensure a healthy workplace where everybody feels comfortable at. “My tip is: with a lot of politeness, try to put the issue on the agenda and always report harassment cases and any other situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Always have in mind that it’s not normal: to be harassed is not normal, listen to colleagues flirts is not normal. As a woman, I am here to do my job.”