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Why Wonder Woman is One of the Best DC Movies in the Modern Era?

            After the “ok” reviews about Batman vs Superman and the not-so-good reviews of Suicide Squad, DC finally hit the nail on the head with Wonder Woman. If you are against a strong female protagonist, don’t waste your time watching the movie. (WARNING: nobody should be against strong female protagonists).

 Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

The movie tells us the story of an Amazon princess, Diana (Gal Godot), who lives in an island occupied only by female warriors. She wants to become a warrior as the other women in the island, but her destiny changes when a first-world-war pilot (Chris Pine) crashes his plane there. She learns about the World War I and desires to restore peace on earth.

Find out the reasons why Wonder Woman is going to be remembered as a turning point for DC films:

1)       Wonder Woman embraces crucial feelings of humanity: Even with a lot of superpowers, Wonder Woman shows important things on her human side, such as love. The main message that the movie sends is that this feeling will bring only good things for the world. Besides that, it shows that sympathy, compassion and caring are more powerful than guns and hating.

2)     Gal Gadot and Chris Pine have a lot of chemistry together: The casting-director made the perfect decision when he chose them to be a couple. The viewer is able to dive deep in their feelings and can notice the chemistry between them. They’re funny and passionate at the same time.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

3)     Wonder Woman is a good superhero movie because it is also a good movie: The director remembers that superhero movies are not only superhero movies. It has a great plot and the story itself gets you excited, it’s not only about action scenes. That’s what it’s different about other DC movies, such as Suicide Squad. The action doesn’t overwhelm you and the characters are intense.

4)     It is a good way to understand the principles of female power: Diana is not a woman living on the human world and, e ven though she is not-so-close to the human problems; she understands feminism and gender equality. “Why can’t a woman take part in business meetings?” “Why can’t women go to war?” These are great examples of her confusion about the modern world. She is a role model for every person in the world, because she shows that a woman’s personality and strength can save the world.

 Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

5)       Even with 141 minutes, the movie is dynamic is: Wonder Woman sticks to the same rhythm throughout the whole movie, it gets the viewer excited about the following steps that the script will take.

6)       Good photography: Since the first moments of the movie, the viewer is taken to surprising scenarios and an unforgettable island where the Amazons live. After those moments, the photography still doesn’t let us down and remains astonishing, mostly on battlefields.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

7)     War scenes: Not all movies show what war can do to society and the director got the mix of a superhero movie and fidelity of what was happening, showing the death and the dark side of the moments, perfectly right.

8)       Excellent cast: Every character is well-built on the movie and the actors were a great choice. There was no actor that was not good, it was, definitely, a fine cast. 

Even with all these qualities, Wonder Woman is kind of far-fetched in some action scenes, but when you see the whole picture, the movie doesn’t get weak because of that. This is the only point that the director could have changed  before the final version.

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