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Why Should I Start Watching Game Of Thrones Now?

Based on the books by GEORGE R. MARTIN, the series produced by HBO has been airing since 2011 and despite having a significant audience and being considered the most awarded series in history, many people still haven’t surrendered to the charms of the chronicles of ice and fire. Does it make sense? No! But if that’s your case, we selected a few reasons for you to start to watching Game of Thrones now! – even though it is already in the seventh season.

  • The series is based on the George R. R. Martin books. A charismatic old man with a brilliant mind who at the very beginning will mess with your psychological. With an amazing plot, the author involves everyone who watches the series by simply acting in unexpected ways. You  will never know what can really happen.
  • Whoever likes medieval era/theme will fall for the series. Wars with swords, armors, shields and horses make up the scenario. The extremely faithful customs, the culture and the way society behaves as well. In addition, mystical creatures are part of the series too! Dragons, giant wolves, wizards, and the feared ice zombies – known as White Walkers – complete the plot.

  • Feminism – YES

Even though the series takes place in a time when women were not valued and only men had a voice, George did not follow that line. He created incredible women who are fierce, independent and extremely important to the story itself. Each with its unique way of acting is considered to be an example of female empowerment.

  • The way the author created the characters is something that captivates us. There is no “villain” and “good guy”, because all the characters have moments of strength and fragility, kindness and evil. Even though you may have a favorite one, you can be sure that you will love and hate everyone.​

  • The production, screenplay, audiovisual, scenery, special effects and soundtrack (the opening <3) are simply amazing! It’s no wonder that GOT has won 38 awards and counting…

  • You know nothing!

Game of Thrones is one of the most commented series today and you will no longer feel lost on Facebook when you see the numerous posts after each every new episode! Everything that they talk about, even the internal jokes, will make sense to you.

  • Theories, theories and more theories.

George R.R Martin makes us create a thousand theories about future events, which makes us want to know more and more about and not get bored at all!

  • Game of Thrones will come to an end!

I highly doubt that someday it will be canceled before it’s completely over! However, if something happens, at least we can rely on the books that will be released soon.


Journalism student, born and raised in São Paulo. 
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