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Why Are Kpop Fans Asking Their Idols To Stop Coming To Brazil?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Recently, users of the X platform ( the old Twitter) and fans of Kpop bands have been putting a new trend on the Trending Topics of the app. The phrase “stop coming to Brazil” has been popularized by most fandoms of the Korean music style. However, this is nothing more than just a meme!

As most people have knowledge, Brazil is a country well known for its reception of international artists, but also divide their opinion about the decision to present shows in the most popular country of South America. However, in the last 2 years, a lot of very recognized idols have changed their minds and decided to bring their tours to the Brazilian fans, especially the Kpop ones. But why are the fans still resistant to these visitors?  What is the origin of the meme? And what are the Kpop fans experiencing?

“Stop coming to Brazil”: Where did it start?

In the year of 2008, a huge fan of the French blogger and entrepreneur, Loic Le Meur, wrote a comment saying “come to Brazil”. In the first place, the attempt was unanswered, but just a few days later, a lot of other fans started to copy this statement on posts of their idols. In a short space of time, the “catchphrase” was becoming more and more famous among the fandoms, and a huge wave of requests started to reach different kinds of artists. Since then, the meme has been brought to a lot of users in very different ways, like images and edits from famous television shows.

“Come to Brazil”: a trend that has been suffering changes since last year

But, in the most recent years, the last two of them to be more exact, most artists have been confirmed as attractions that are coming to Brazil. In a certain way, the legion of fans started to become more interested and excited by the news, but suddenly it also became a big problem to them. Due to the expensive price of entrances to the shows, most fans could not attend all of them, which made a lot of them unsatisfied and frustrated. That was when the “come to Brazil” started to suffer changes to the negative phrase “stop coming to Brazil”, which popped upon the trending topic of X and was also released by huge companies.


The Kpop side experiences the avalanche of their idols coming to Brazil

In 2023, 5 different Kpop artists came to Brazil. VAV, Eric Nam, Kingdom, Aespa and Ateez performed in different states of our country and left a lot of fans with the desire to watch all of them on live shows. The estimate for 2024 is that more than 4 different Korean artists will come to Sao Paulo to perform at Allianz Park. TWICE, 2Z, BamBam, and IVE are also groups that can make the meme even more famous this year.

This is all that the army fandoms can wait for the 2024 season of shows in Brazil. 


The article above was edited by Fernanda de Andrade Silva.
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