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While We Wait For Lorde’s Third Album, Remember The 10 Best Songs From “Pure Heroine” And “Melodrama”

It’s finally getting real! After almost four years since releasing “Melodrama”, her second studio album, Lorde appears to be coming back pretty soon. During an interview to the portal Newshub, at the end of 2020, the singer stated that the third disc is ready and even not revealing yet, it has already a title.

Also, in March this year, she even participated in a Marlon Williams intimate show and fans got crazy saying that she finally remembered that is a singer. Additionally, Lorde was confirmed as the headliner of the 2022 Primavera Sound Festival. After this confirmation, everyone is pretty certain that she is coming back with a whole new album soon.

But will it be as good as “Pure Heroine”, her debut album, and “Melodrama” was? It is a fact that Lorde has a lot of iconic songs in her two releases. Thinking about it, while we wait for Lorde’s new project, remember the 10 best songs from her previous albums.

(by the degree of difficulty in selecting the songs, they are not arranged in a specific order rs)

Ribs – Pure Heroine

One of my favorites, Ribs is beautiful lyrically and musically speaking. The honesty that the teenager puts in the lyrics is a high point of the song and becomes very relatable for those who listen to it. It also shows Lorde’s vulnerability in her first album, as she states that “have never felt more alone and it feels so scary, getting old”.

Buzzcut Season – Pure Heroine

This song is genius for me. Lorde released it when she was only only sixteen years old, making us realize how intelligent young girls can be. She created a whole music about a realistic take of society and much relatable about how young adults feel and act about bad things happening nowadays. Also one of my favorites.

Green Light – Melodrama

A little less slow than the others mentioned, but still so melancholic in its lyrics. Lorde sings this with such an emotional voice that you can feel exactly the way she is. Green Light is perfect because it has an introspective and a dancing moment when it explodes. Definitely a great song for you to make a real performance just as its owner in the music video.

Perfect Places – Melodrama

Another one with an up beat and reflective lyrics. It also has a great rhythm that shows the high quality of Lorde productions, especially in the Melodrama album. It’s definitely a bittersweet record that intends to capture both a party vibe and a comedown.

Writer In The Dark – Melodrama

Here we start to see her journey more deeply into heartbreak songs. She looks kind of angry and reckless. In this one we have a true gift of her singing the chorus in amazing falsettos that make the record prettier. The mix of it with an orchestra in the background makes it sadder without prejudice, and it is definitely a track that deserves a repeat.

The Love Club – Pure Heroine

An ethereal and modern background, The Love Club is present in the Pure Heroine extended version. For me it’s pretty similar to the single Royals in its young lyrics that want to talk with young kids. The beat is catchy and even a little danceable.

Liability – Melodrama

In this one, Lorde wonders if she’s too complicated to find love and it’s both heartrending and uncomfortable.  It’s a simple piano ballet with very vulnerable and strong lyrics. She also shows a huge fear about people around her by just “being a toy that people enjoy until all of the tricks don’t work anymore, and then they are bored of me”.

Tennis Court – Pure Heroine

The opening of the “Pure Heroine” album is one of my favorite songs of hers. It is also one of the songs that introduced people to Lorde. It has a beat and a lyric with attitude and youth that shows a dark pop that only Lorde can do. One more of those records of hers that make you think, “how a sixteen-year-old girl wrote this”?

Sober and Sober II (Melodrama) – Melodrama

I’m going to steal a little bit on this one. In Melodrama we have two songs with the same name and the second additionally carries the name of the album. It could not be out of this list. In both, she explores an electro-R&B beat accompanied by impeccable production with triumphal trumpet blares.

A World Alone – Pure Heroine

End this list is not an easy task, because, personally, I really think that every song of hers is a bop. But A World Alone could not be out of this. The longest song in Pure Heroine is  also one of the most well-written in my opinion. Lorde is ambitious here with a real existential crisis song combined with a very danceable beat that you would feel in a world alone.


The article above was edited by Isadora Noronha Pereira.

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