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Which TV Show You Are According to Your Semester in Cásper

College is one hell of a ride, from the sandy lights of freshman year to the darkest “I don’t know what I am doing with my life” junior year semesters, there is always a TV Show that relates more to your life during one of these times. 

Freshman Year

First Semester: Gossip Girl

Every one just arrived at college and are dying to find a clique and a new group of friends. Moreover, people feel the need to make friends fast and be part of a group. This was the time when basically everyone was competing about how many books they read, how much they knew and how cool they are. That’s also where college gossip unfortunately starts and never ends.

Second Semester: New Girl

After a few terrible first semester experiences and the freedom that surrounds college, you finally understand fow college works, how you need to study for each class, how the professors act, how to surf the student grade system and the best campus place to study/eat. Also, you will never be off embarassing moments, but now you at least know more people and start finding your group.

Sophomore Year

First Semester: Agents of Shield

You got a little taste of what it feels like to be a journalist/public relations/publicist/tv producer, but now it is the time you start looking for a internship and more practical experience. You also understand the meaning of time managament and figure out your talents and weaknesses. First semester sophomore year it is like you finally burst the college ideal time and pressure environment to jump in the real world.

Second Semester: The Vampire Diaries

When you think things are okay another paper and group project appears to doom your weekends and stress you out. Nonetheless, you always learn a lot from classes and the projects you need to deliver, but it seems like the semester has no end.

Junior Year

First Semester: The Carrie Diaries

You have a better picture of how your life will turn out and you are excited about this year of college, as the horrific sophomore year was over. You may or may not fall in love and have one or two heartbreaks, but they will help you grow up. It is a semester of usually great change and opportunities.

Second Semester: Sherlock

You survived two years and a half of college life and now there is only two more to go. This is the perfect time yo actually plan your life and carreer, nail an awesome internship and add extracurriculars activities to your resume. Along with deciphring the secrets of managing an internship/grades/sleep/sociallife. Second semester junior year you also have a cleared vision of who you are, who are your friends and where you want to go, so you lose less time in unhealthy relationships. Besides, you deliver your dissertation pre-project and for the first time do a project you are actually willing to.

Senior Year

First Semester: How I Met Your Mother

The last year and although you have your dissertation to deliver in the end of November, you basically feel happy for making it through so much and very little prepared for what’s next.

Second Semester: Grey’s Anatomy

You survived through it all and now your only worry is to present your dissertation, get your diploma, enjoy the graduation party…. and oh, get a job.

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Alana Claro

Casper Libero '17

Alana is a Senior in Cásper Líbero University, majoring in Journalism. She is President of Casper Libero's Chapter and an intern in a Corporate Communications firm. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, where she speaks Portuguese, although English is her ever-lasting love. Alana is a proud Slytherin and INTJ.
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