What Is Your Phone's Background Image?

Casperian Girls have shared with Her Campus Cásper Líbero University team their cellphones' background images. What can they show to us? Check all their printscreen pictures out!

Alana Claro, junior in Journalism, cellphone's background image


Ana Siedschlag, junior in Journalism, is a Doctor Who series fan


Bárbara Muniz, junior in Journalism, has as a background image a Shakespeare's quote, from "The tempest" masterpiece


Camila Villegas, freshmen in Journalism, shows her pic with her best friend


Carolina Hossni, junior in Publicity and Propaganda, has Audrey Hepburn's silhouette as her phone's background image


Cecilia Marins, sophomore in Journalism, shares her Star Wars pic (we all love Finn!)


Fernanda Silva, sophomore in Journalism, and her twin sister, Izabela, appear as her phone background pic


Gabrielli Menezes, sophomore in Journalism, has her niece's pic as background


Gabrielle Vianna, sophomore in Journalism, has as background a beautiful picture of her with her boyfriend at the beach


Helena Pacheco, sophomore in Journalism, shares with us her backgroud picture


Isabela Barbosa, sophomore in Journalism, has watermellons as her phone's background


Letícia Vaz, sophomore im Journalism, loves Frida Kahlo. So do we, Letícia!


Marcela van Riemsdijk, freshmen in Journalism, also shares a quotation at her phone's background


Rafela Artero, sophomore in Journalism, and her flamingo's pic at her phone's background


Anna Beatriz Oliveira, sophomore in Journalism, has flowers as her background


Beatriz Moraes, freshmen in Journalism, shows us this beautiful puppy


Camille Carboni, freshmen in Journalism, has a beach as her phone's pic


Carolina Mikaluskas, junior in Journalism, herself took this pic at Nida, a seaside city in Lituania


Catalina de Vera, freshmen in Journalism, took this pic last July. This is Oxford, in England


Ana Luiza Couto, sophomore in Journalism, shares hearts as a background


Andressa Isfer, sophomore in Journalism, shows her mantra at her phone's background