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What the women of the Royal Family wore at King Charles III’s Coronation

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On the last Saturday, May 6th, the coronation of King Charles III brought the world’s attention to London. And what didn’t go unnoticed were the fabulous looks the women of the Royal Family wore at the event.

If you were too focused on King Charles or some bad blood between Prince Harry and Prince William and didn’t pay attention to the magnificent gowns, Her Campus Caper Libero can help you. Check out some of the most iconic looks below.

Camilla, Queen Consort

Camilla Parker-Bowles, King Charles’ wife and Queen Consort, wore a marvelous white gown, with gold and silver embroidered details, by designer Bruce Oldfield. The dress had roses, thistles, daffodils, and shamrocks, flowers that represent each one of the four nations of the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

To add a more personal detail, Camilla’s children, Tom and Laura, and grandchildren, Gus, Freddy, Louis, and Eliza were included in the design, with their names being embroidered in the piece. At the end of the skirt, there were also images of her two dogs with the King, Beth, and Bluebell.

In the jewelry department, the Queen Consort did not disappoint, since she wore the iconic Coronation Necklace, from 1858. It was originally designed for Queen Victoria, by Garrard, and has been used by every queen at their coronations ever since.

Camilla was also crowned at the event, and she chose the crown Queen Mary wore in 1911. She also made a special tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, by wearing the same robe she wore at her coronation in 1953.

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales

The future Queen Consort, the wife of Prince William and King Charles’ daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, looked splendid in a remarkable white gown, also with flowers representing the four nations of the UK, by Alexander McQueen, who was also responsible for Catherine’s wedding dress.

The Princess of Wales also decided to honor her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, by wearing the Diamond and South Sea Pearl Earrings, a piece that has been used by Lady Di on multiple occasions. Catherine also wore a necklace made in 1950 for Queen Elizabeth II.

The queen-in-waiting also had to wear red and blue royal robes on top of the gown. Kate decided to not wear a tiara at the event, instead opting for a more modern look with a crystal and silver flower headpiece by Jess Collett x Alexander McQueen.

Princess Charlotte

Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, was a part of one of the cutest scenes of the day by matching with her mother. The 9-year-old also wore a custom white dress and cape by Alexander McQueen.

The future queen also combined her headpiece with her mom, wearing a smaller version of Kate’s silver flower crown. They looked so cute side by side, aren’t we right?

Anne, Princess Royal

Princess Anne, King Charles’ younger sister, wore her military outfit to the event, due to her special role as Gold-Stick-in-Waiting. She mentioned that having this function made it easier for her to choose her clothing: “That is a role that I was asked if I’d like to do for this coronation, so I said yes. Not least of all, it solves my dress problem.”

She wore her Blues and Royals uniform, the green Thistle Mantle and Thistle collar. Her outfit was also adorned with medals and badges like the Garter Sash, Garter Star, KCVO Star, and others. Anne removed her cloak when she got on her horse to follow her brother’s Gold State Coach back to Buckingham Palace and led 6.000 soldiers.

The princess also wore a hat with a red feather, and the object was highly noticed by people on the internet, especially because it looked like it was blocking Prince Harry’s view of the ceremony.

Zara Tindall

Daughter of Princess Anne and King Charles’ niece, Zara Tindall wore an all-baby blue outfit. The main piece of the look, her coat dress, was by Laura Green. She also wore a matching hat made by Juliette Millinery and a beautiful clutch bag to accessorize by the brand Strathberry.

Zara also included a diamond brooch that belonged to her mother. The special detail was given to Princess Anne as a wedding gift by King Charles himself.

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and the King’s brother, brought a touch of color to the coronation. The royal wore a hot pink dress with puffy sleeves by Beulah London, she matched the piece with a golden headband, by Emily London, and a purse.

It was on the jewelry that Beatrice exceeded, she wore gorgeous pink earrings by the British brand Garrard & Co, who were also the first official Crown Jeweller. All-hot pink? Great choice!

Princess Eugenie

Contrasting with her sister Beatrice, Princess Eugenie wore a Fendi navy blue dress, topped with a black coat by the same brand. She accessorized it with a blue round hat, a black purse (also by Fendi) and beautiful gold and diamond earrings, and a necklace by Garrard.

Even though she made some bold choices in the past, Eugenie learned from her mistakes and really made an impression with her outfit. Not everyone can rock an all-navy style, right?

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, looked wonderful in a white gown made by atelier Suzannah London. The piece had lace details on the neckline and a beautiful satin skirt. There was also British meadow flowers embroidery, hand embroidered by Jenny King and inspired by Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation dress.

The duchess wore a blue and red cloak on top of her gown, as was requested by the King. She finished the look with a white floral headpiece, silver diamond earrings, and a pair of ivory heels from Emmy London.

Lady Louise Windsor

Daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, and Charles’s youngest brother, Lady Louise Windsor, who is only 19 years old, looked stunning in the “Kumiko” dress, a Suzannah white and blue floral dress. The piece is a collaboration between the designer and French photographer Rachel Levy.

She matched the gown to a Jane Taylor blue hat, some Cartier jewelry, and LK Bennet “Monet” heels. Even though she didn’t match her outfits with her mom’s, she slayed! Guess the stylish gene is in the family.

Well, after seeing and learning more about the outfits the female member of the royal family wore, HCCL has only one question. Which one was your favorite, and why?

The article above was edited by Júlia Pupo Mucha Fagá.

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