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Have you ever felt left out of many TikTok trends for not being able to make it? Were they either too elaborate or a time-taker? If so, here’s the solution for you! Meet TikTok’s newest (and coolest) trend: the “75 Hard Style Challenge”.

The trend has been around for some time now with various strands, they all consist of dedicating yourself to something for 75 days. The most viral one is to accomplish a full routine during those days (and potentially further), but this new one is a bit different, more creative, and worth the try if you’re looking for some self-knowledge.

The “75 Hard Style Challenge” is the perfect trend for reinventing your dresser. It will help you stimulate your brain into thinking about new combinations of clothes, passing time doing something fun for yourself, setting intentions/goals and mostly, inspiring others showing that it’s ok to change your style whenever you feel like it.  

Every challenge has its own rules and this one isn’t different, however, not only are these rules fun but you can also do it your own way. The most important part is to feel free to enjoy it and to really change the way you look inside your closet. Anyway, no more talking, let’s get into it. 


Kicking off 2024 with a style challenge! If you want to start the new year off by glowing up, saving money, getting more use out of your closet and firming up your personal style this one’s for you. 75 days of intentionally getting dressed, collecting data, and discovering what you naturally gravitate towards. I’ve used this method many times and it’s one of my favorite easy ways to get back in touch with myself and see my clothes in a new exciting light. Challenge Rules: Get dressed everyday for 75 days Document your daily outfits Do not buy anything new Set your challenge goals/intentions Get creative and rely on your own brain for inspiration Organize + clean out your closet I will be taking part in the challenge and my personal goals are to start wearing pants more, firming up my casual style, and experiment with new shapes and silhouettes. I hope you’ll join me! #personalstyle #fashion #75hardstylechallenge

♬ original sound – Mandy Lee

Starting off strong with the main rule: Do not buy or take anything new! You can only use the clothes you already have. The challenge is to reinvent, having something new would vanish the purpose. Another very important one is to document your outfits daily, it’s up to you to post it or not (personal advice: do it!!). 

Now for choosing the outfit, it would be good if you managed to rely on yourself, not looking up inventions or inspirations online. You, better than anyone, know what you have in hand, matter of fact, there’s no one better to pick out the items. Of course, you won’t be out of the challenge if you search for a little inspiration to get started.  

Now coming down to the last and best part of the challenge for me: Give away clothes you will no longer use. When looking into your stuff, there’s a high chance that you´ll find some things that don’t match your vibe anymore and there’s no better thing to do with it other than somehow gifting it to someone that will for sure take the best out of it.  

Taking a little extra time to get dressed every day for 75 days will be helpful for your mindset, goals, and self-knowledge, but also to make the day for someone who will have a new piece to choose from. 

The article above was edited by Gabriela Travizzanutto.

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