What to Expect of DC's World With "Joker" Premiere

Joaquin Phoenix was picked by hand to play what could be considered the most complex and unpredictable role in Hollywood history. The movie shows the story of Arthur Fleck in a “Gotham city” of the 80’s. It also brings flashbacks of the troubled childhood and family Fleck has, revealing horrible and shocking facts.

If you are expecting a action packed movie, then this is not for you. Intense, chilling and showing a different side of Batman’s arch nemesis is what the director Todd Philips went for.

Image Source: IMDB

The movie has been deemed very violent and unnecessary by many, and it does have some gruesome scenes, but the plot focus in an matter that is a consequence of a shattered Gotham society, mental health issues.

A troubled past leaves Arthur with a mental disorder. He seems to find it hard being happy, so Fleck becomes a clown and aspires to be a comedian so he can put a smile in others faces. All of that seems to wrong and puts him in a dark path.

Throughout the film it’s clear there is no support or understanding from others, of Arthur's mental state. That negligence can be seen in today’s society too.

In the movie there are appearances from the Wayne family and Bruce’s dad plays a big role in the making of the jokers spiral to becoming a vilain.

Another comparison of the joker world with the real world is of a Gotham of the 80’s that reminds a lot of a New York. The marginalization of the poor with a elite that provides no care or structure for those that don’t have status. A lot of insanity and a longing to belong and be happy among a segregated space.