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What Can We Expect From The Crown Season 4?

With release date set for November 15, The Crown returns with another season. Intending to continue the style of the previous three seasons, more political obstacles, striking personalities and internal and external dramas to the royal family will be part of this new episodes.

Created and scripted by Peter Morgan, The Crown is regarded as one Netflix’s best and most expensive original series, coming to spend 150 million dollars. The production manages to tell the trajectory of the British royal family and all the involved, in a way that further enhances the nobility of the situation. 

Awarded with two Golden Globeawards in the category "Best Drama Series" and "Best Actress in a Drama Series" for Claire Foy, it has a meticulous setting, articulated script, well-directed cast and imposing photography, resulting in a scenario in which the fictional element gives light and enhancement to real events.

We at Her Campus cannot wait to marathon the entire fourth season, but while the date does not come, we have brought everything we can already say and wait for the fourth season of this historic series!

Striking figures

Now set in the context of 1980s England, in addition to portraying the life of Queen Elizabeth, who will remain played by Olivia Colman, season four will introduce very striking characters within the history and everyday English of the time.

Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to be Prime Minister of England, will enter the plot and be starred  by Gillian Anderson, also known for playing Dr. Jean Milburn on the television series Sex Education. In addition to the Iron Lady, Princess Diana - Prince Charles' first wife - will also be part of the fourth season plot, played by actress Emma Morrin.

Another figure who will again appear in the series is Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth in the first and second season. According to some videos and photos released, the actress will return this time to participate in flashback scenes, showing Elizabeth's past. But as far as the core of the royal family is about, the component cast of season three will be retained.

Political crises and weariness of the Royal Family

Considering the appearance of these striking figures, it is to be expected that events such as the wedding of Diana and Charles and the political obstacles of the time will be addressed in this new season.

Like the previous two seasons, season four carries the expectation of focusing even more on relationships involving the royal family. Internal relations, as will be the case of Diana and Elizabeth, and external, which is the scenario of the political context starring Margaret Thatcher. We can expect to see that historical and documentary approach that makes the events of the time even more interesting and complex than they already are.

Taking advantage of loopholes left open in season three, The Crown returns with more episodes that turn the life of the British royal family into something very interesting to know and follow about.



The article above was edited by Mel Trench

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