Wear Your DIY: 4 Tips TO Customize T-shirts

Grab a ruler and scissors: it's time to customize your Cásper Tees as easily as possible


Who never won as a gift that totally ordinary black shirt that have a special place into the wardrobe? Or bought the only shirt template because loved the stamp, but hated how it fits? We know: style and taste is a variable that we can’t change. Sometimes, there’s no other way: even the shirts with the coolest prints may not be ok for you in the body. Juca’s shirts are good example of this — but how can we make it look different and more stylish easily and cheaply? Check out our T-shirt customization tips, and then show us the results!


Cut off collar and sleeves. Draw a straight four fingers below the breast, and make two longer triangles as the picture shows. Cut carefully. Then just tie it.


Tank top

This is also very simple: first cut the shirt’s collar. Then also cut the sleeves, but cutting a little down, more or less the height of your navel.You can use a top under the shirt if you want, it’ll look very nice.



Boat Neck

Take a wider T-shirt and draw on the top, a little below the collar, a line that extends near the shoulders, in semi-circle format. Cut the neckline carefully, and the shirt will look very stylish!



Shoulders and décolleté

Draw a triangle on each of the shoulders and another slightly below the collar of the blouse, according to the neckline size you want. Cut carefully, and try to leave symmetrical shoulder cuts. Don’t cut the collar of the shirt, and fold the sleeves. The result is really cool!


If you like the ideas, but are you afraid to put them into practice... Here are some tips on how to do your customizations better without ruining your shirt: