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Volleyball Passion: Meet Mariana Perrella

Name: Mariana Mota Perrella Benetti

Age: 20

Hometown: São Paulo, but I lived in Mauá for 19 years.

Course: Publicity and Propaganda

Year: 2016

Sign: Gemini

Status: Single

Preference: Boys and Girls

Vegetarianism: I became vegetarian when I was 13. I never really liked meat. Part of my family is from Minas Gerais, humble people who always worked in the fields. My grandfather always maintained my mother and my uncles with the income that came from farm activities. My grandmother raised poultry, cattle and pigs. I used to spend my school holidays in their place, therefore, had a lot of contact with animals, literally from birth to death. For this reason, I ate steak by “obligation”. At 13 I realized I did not need meat in my life. After a while, I began to understand what was vegetarianism, I understood it goes beyond not eating meat. It is completely abusive to raise animals to kill. We must respect all beings, we share the same space.

Why Publicity and Propaganda? I chose Publicity and Propaganda because it is a course that covers many areas of communication and is something in constantly changing. I like dealing with people.

Why Cásper Líbero? I spent a lot of time searching about some colleges and courses. Cásper Líbero was the one that most caught my attention for its location and credibility in the market. Now, I can say that I love the passion people have for college.

Volleyball: Volleyball has always been a passion. I was introduced to volleyball by my physical education teacher when I was younger. Because I was tall, I was encouraged by family members to practice this sport and eventually got taste for it.

So, how and when did you become the director of this sport? After JUCA (Collegiette Communication and Arts Games) 2015. Gabi was the director before me and she invited me to take over as she would graduate. Since I love volleyball, and learned to love Cásper, I accepted the invitation.

When did you start playing volleyball? When I was 11. I started to play in Mauá’s club. And then I stopped when I was 15. I returned to play volleyball only when I became a Cásper Líbero student.

About school …Do you talk with your school friends?Yes! Whatsapp made easier to keep relations with the old buddies, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t talk with more than ten school friends. In fact, I live with a childhood friend who studied with me during 4th grade.

What is more memorable about that time? Friendships. I studied at one school my entire life, so I made many friends. Outside this close relationship, I had teachers that knew me a lot because they knew me since I was a baby.

If you could go back, would you change anything? To be honest, I wouldn’t change anything. I do not regret being a strange girl, half of my hair was pink. If I had not been myself, would not be where I am today and would not have today’s friends.

Tell me about:

Your work: Well, now I’m working at “360 Communication and Design”. I am responsible for Social Media.

How did you become an older sister: I was an only child until 11. I was 3 years old when my parents split, so I am the only child of their marriage. He is the son of the second marriage of my mother, I have a very strong relationship with him, we are very close. And I have a sister, Giovanna, who is now six years, from my father’s second marriage. I’ve always been spoiled (in a good way) by my family, especially for by grandmother because my father was an only child and I was the first grandchild of the family. I always knew very well about my parents’ situation, so I had no trouble realizing that their lives were following different paths.

The relationship with São Paulo: I love Sao Paulo, I swear. I love how it has space for everything in this town. Today, I live in Augusta Street and I can’t see myself living anywhere else. I love the different experiences that the city provides us. I’ve always loved here, since I was young, I visited the city with my friends. My affection has only increased with time until I decided to live here without my parents. It was a decision and it’s hard not having my mom’s food. Even being “spoiled” by my parents, they always taught me to appreciate the things and always run after my dreams. I matured a lot when I came to this city.

A person who inspires you: my paternal grandmother. She was the one who taught me to live.


Makes you angry: Selfish people.

Do you like to eat: My mother’s food and soy stroganoff.

Do you want to be doing in 2017: Traveling a lot, if possible having a job that gives me the opportunity to travel and work at the same time.


Book: I like the comic book series “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”.

Color: Orange 

Series: My favorite of the moment is Sense8, but I like New Girl a lot as well.

Movie: Medianeras – Argentinian one, whose director is Gustavo Taretto.

Music: High by the beach – Lana Del Rey

Band: Death Cab for Cutie

Marcela Schiavon

Casper Libero

Petite, loving, determined. Marcela don't have preferences about her career because she likes all areas of Journalism. Sometimes jealous, a little bit angry, very focused. "Eu gosto dela - Projota" is a song that defines her way of living.
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