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Velcro Seguro: Brazilian Illustrator Produced Sexual Health Guide For Lesbian And Bisexual Women With Vulvas

In 2019, advertising and illustrator Nicolle Sarto presented Velcro Seguro - The Sexual Health Guide for Lesbian and Bisexual Women with Vulva, as a course completion project for the Federal University of Santa Maria, in Rio Grande do Sul. An illustrated guide that contains important information on what issues lesbian and bisexual women with vulvas should be aware of during intimate relationships.

Sex between women is still considered a taboo in Brazilian society today, the lack of attention from the State to this segment causes a lack of access to secure information on the subject. One of the most common myths is that during the relationship between women with vulva, there is transmission of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

What do doctors say?

The student Mariana Scalise said that the gynecologists she has passed did not give due importance to her sexual orientation and that she was also never properly assisted on preventive methods. "I was respected - thankfully - but no doctor said 'try this preventive means, be careful with STIs'". And this, unfortunately, is a reality that many women face.

In addition to the lack of information, the lack of adequate condoms puts women's health at risk, for example, the female condom, which is distributed free of charge at health centers, does not protect during oral sex, as it does not cover the outside of the vulva. The telemarketing operator Mariane Tolentino said she never used the female condom. Asked about alternative methods, often used due to the lack of safe options, such as plastic paper and cut male condoms, she said “I think it's sad because we don't have anything specific, and we have to improvise in order to protect ourselves”. Alternative methods are also not entirely effective in preventing STIs.

And why should you read this guide?

Besides the information about STIs, the guide teaches about gynecological exams, alternative preventive methods and the parts that make up the vulva. In an interview with the Universa website, the creator of the Velcro Seguro guide said that the idea for the project came from her personal experiences, due to the lack of information that existed in her social cycle and in medical consultations. The booklet can be viewed for free on Nicolle's Instagram (@vlkrr), at the link available in the biography.

One more tip!

Another Instagram worth watching is "Vênus Em Leão", created by the graphic designer Mariana Thobias, in which she talks about different types of relationships such as homosexuals and heterosexuals, and discusses issues involving sex such as sexual health, pornography and self-esteem. She also has the podcast "Vênus Em Leão" focused on female masturbation and female sexuality in general.


The article above was edited by Amanda Ardigó.  

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