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Last week we released an article about everything you needed to know about vegan cosmetics – from what they are to celebrities who support the lifestyle. Now you’ve become such an expert on cruelty-free and animal-origin free beauty products, it’s time to add even more fun to the subject with a complete guide of vegan brands and products so you can run to the closest e-commerce you find.
But first, we should confidence you a secret: there’s a huge chance you’ve already got vegan cosmetics on your dressing table. Do you want to make sure there’s no animal input? Check it out.
Here’s a worldwide known dry shampoos: the Batiste ones. They became a fever for saving a legion of women when our hair isn’t the cleanest it could be – and time is definitely not helping when it comes to wash it on a daily basis. Did you know they are vegans? And you can confirm that by reading their labels. Usually as the final information, vegan and cruelty-free stamps take place close to other ones, as flammable warnings.
However, sometimes it might be a little bit harder to find all those information, as happened with our example below.
There’s no stamp of direct information to clean up your doubts on its label. It’s time to be informed and use internet on your favor. If you find yourself with a huge probability of being vegan, but you cannot find any information to ensure it, follow our steps:
1. Check the components. If you read any strange or suspicious word, run to the closest internet device and google it. 
2. Not sure if the component is synthetic or animal originated yet? We suggest you to visit the brand’s website. When it comes to environmental responsibility, it’s quite possible the confirmation will be easy to find. 
3. Still wondering if the shampoo stays on your shopping basket? Try sending an e-mail to the company and all your questions will be solved – vegan bloggers do it all the time, as we could verify.  
Now, have some fun with our selection of brands and favorites products!
Bio Extratus, Brazilian cosmetic brand focused on haircare, has already got a natural bias on its products, but one specifically line, called Botica, is 100% natural-made, with lavender, olive, coconut and many others components.
Our Tip: Detox Revitalizing Line
What for? Anti-overload toxins and impurities such as chlorine from the water, pollution, sunlight and excessive use of cosmetics on your hair.
What contains? Pre-Shampoo Peeling; Shampoo Daily Use (detox cleaning); Mask (nutritional hydration) and Finisher (revitalizing protection).
How to buy? You can find these products online, on sites like Mercado Livre or Lojas Rede, and so on. You can also buy with the company partners, which you can find in: bioextratus.com.br/onde-comprar/?pais=Brasil&estado=SP&cidade=SAO+PAULO#resultado
Price: Separated, these products cost between R$30,00 and R$40,00 (it depends on the store and the kind of product) 
The Bioart biocosmetics are 100% vegans and free of parabens, gluten, colorants and synthetic fragrances. In 2013, the company became part of the global list of certification, named Ecocert France. The company is totally national and introduced in the national market the first makeups made based on organic components like clay, minerals and also tapioca. They didn’t test on animals, besides their responsible with sustainability.
Our Tip: Biobox Carnaval Eco Makeup
What contains? Black mask for eyelashes and eyebrows, Golden Shadow, Nude Gloss, a cute Biobox, Bioart Ritual range for your biobox and a post to be customized with text defined by you (PS: you can change the colors if you want to).
How to buy? At Bioart store: http://loja.bioart.eco.br/ or with the dealers;
Price: R$131,00
Since 2005, their products are developed with great care within the principles of sustainability, besides don’t contain in its formulation synthetic components, petroleum derivatives, parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, fragrances and artificial colors. Herbia cosmetics aren’t tested on animals, and they have the “cruelty-free” seal.
Our Tip: Organic Bath Kit Herbia Lippia Alba
What contains? Shampoo, Conditioner and Liquid Soap.  
How to buy? You can buy these products online on Lohas Store, Belvedere Store and so on, or find their partners on herbia.com.br/ondecomprar
Price: R$112,00
Leader in eco-conscience beauty products, Eco Tools is one of the most famous labels. Inspired by beauty inside and outside, the brand has the belief that we look our best when we feel great, and we feel great when we make good choices.  
How to buy? Web Stores like Konad Brasil konadbrasil.com and Encanto Cosméticos: encantocosmeticos.com.br
Price: from R$6,00 to R$170,00. 
From NYC to the world, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, the OCC, was found by David Klasfeld in 2004. His objective was to develop products that meet the needs of artists who weren’t satisfied with the traditional options found on the market, through a commitment to innovation in color, texture and selection.
Innovation is the word to define OCC. After two years of development, they launched one of their best products: the lip tar. A liquid shaped tube lipstick that allows creating new shades from the mix colors. Endless possibilities available in glossy or matte finish. OCC is 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free, as internationally certified by PETA.
How to buy? OCC web store : http://occmakeup.com/
Price: from $5,00 to $30,00. 
To seek out: Some labels are not 100% vegan, but they are cruelty free and some of them offer complete vegan lines.
With lovely vintage packaging, The Balm is another vegan label. Marissa Shipman, the founder and CEO of the label, noticed that she doesn’t need lots of products to feel glamorous.  One day, she bought 11 books about how to do makeup and went to kitchen to mix some ingredients.  In that day she created a lip balm, and decided to hire a chemical to develop her brand – The Balm.
With the concept of beauty in 5 minutes, the ingredients of the products are cruelty and paraben free.
Here are some 100% vegan products of the brand:
·    Bahama Mama (Bronzer)
·    balmShelter (tinted moisturizer)
·    INSTAIN (blushes)
·    Mary-Lou Manizer (Highlighter, Shadow & Primer)
·    Overshadows (Eyeshadow)
·    Put a Lid On It (eyeshadow primer)
·    Read My Lips (Lip Glosses)
·    Schwing (Eyeliner)
·    Sexy Mama (Anti Shine Translucent Powder)
·    Stainiac (Lip & Cheek stain)
·    What’s Your Type? (Mascaras)
·    Mr. Write Now – except Raj and Scott (Eyeliner)
How to buy? At The Beauty Box
Price: From R$50,00 to R$270,00. 
The list of vegan and cruelty-free brands – 100% of the products, as Mr Bean and Pacifica, or with specifically lines, such as Too Faced, Urban Decay and Kat von D, keep on reaching more than 100 brands around the world!
Caught with any doubt? Follow the steps we recommended on the beginning of the text. 
Ending up, we prepared two selections of vegan cosmetics to inspire you all with national and international brands.
1. Brushes | Lux Vegan Eye Makeup Brush Set by Motd – R$ 220 at motdcosmetics.com
2. Foundation | Moisturizing Stick by Elf – R$ 22 at target.com
3. Blush | Rubi by Vymana Make Up – R$ 45 at nacaoverde.com.br
4. Primer Potion | Pore Perfecting Complexion by Urban Decay – R$ 135 at sephora.com.br
5. Eye Shadow Trio | Love 3 Natural Mineral Coconut by Pacifica – R$ 37 at target.com
6. Eyeliner | Perversion All Nighter by Urban Decay – R$ 125 at sephora.com.br
7. Mascara | Black Mineral by Bioart – R$ 44,50 at natue.com.br
8. Lipstick | Vermelho Fogo by Alva – R$ 79,90 at natue.com.br
9. Liquified Lipstick | Melted Sugar by Too Faced – R$ 77 at toofaced.com.br (Unfortunately, Too Faced doesn’t ship to Brasil, but you can buy many other options we’ve already listed or find new at natue.com.br and nacaoverde.com.br)
1. Bath Soap | Green Clay by Bioart – R$ 46,60 at natue.com.br
2. Shampoo | Lavanda by Vyvedas Make Up – R$ 33,60 at natue.com.br
3. Conditioner | Super Kale by Pacifica – R$ 37 at ulta.com (Unfortunately, Ulta doesn’t ship to Brasil, but you can buy many other options we’ve already listed or find new at natue.com.br and nacaoverde.com.br)
4. Moisturizer | Juatinga by Mundo Est – R$ 30,50 at natue.com.br
5. Eau de Parfum | Women’s Coconut by Tulip – R$ 105 at target.com
6. Nail Polish | Bianca 7 Free by Pacifica – R$ 33 at ulta.com (Unfortunately, Ulta doesn’t ship to Brasil, but you can buy many other options we’ve already listed or find new at natue.com.br and nacaoverde.com.br)
7. Nail Polish | 650 Mad About Blue Colour Crush by The Body Shop – R$ at thebodyshop-usa.com (Unfortunately, The Body Shop USA doesn’t ship to Brasil, but you can buy many other options we’ve already listed or find new at natue.com.br and nacaoverde.com.br)
8. Dry Shampoo | Floral Essence by Batiste – R$ 33 at urbanoutfitters.com (You can buy similar Batiste itens at netfarma.com.br, with prices coming from R$ 41,80 to R$ 43,55)
But watch out! Shipping taxes are not included! And international prices might variate as long as the dollar quotation does. 
We bet you’ve already chosen your favorites, right? Ready, set and go to your credit card!


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