Vegan Cosmetics #1: Everything you Need to Know About It

Way beyond supermarkets shelves and its packages with vegan labels patterned, there’s an entire world of vegan cosmetics, from bath soaps to your favorite mascara, ready to satisfy those who are determinate to follow on their beliefs. If you’re full of doubts and still wondering what the difference between vegetarians and vegans is, don’t you worry! We’re here to help!
While vegetarians do not eat meat in general – and sometimes, exclude from their freezers all animal originated food, like eggs and honey –, vegans do not allow any product with animal origin or substance coming from animals. Then yes, leather jackets are as far away from a vegan’s closet as an animal-tested foundation is. 
Winning the whole world and more than just a diet, veganism is a life style that has been much joined lately. And why do we call it a “life style”? We explain to you: a vegan person doesn’t stop to eat things just for a whim, or because they are spoiled. Every choice in their life — from choosing a new pair of shoes to buying soap or cleaning products — is based in their respect for animals. If they buy something, it is with the certainty that the product was not tested on animals and has no component with this source. For them, every single species, no matter how “normal” it is for us to consume it, needs to be preserved and loved, and any kind of mistreat have to be repudiated. They try to exclude all forms of exploitation of the animal kingdom in all facets of their lives. 
Seems like a beautiful way of life, right? However, even though inspiring, being vegan is an arduous task that needs a lot of will power to run every day.  Besides promoting demonstrations in favor of animals and fight for their welfare, vegans also have to take care of themselves. 
To maintain your health and the necessary proteins and nutrients to the functioning of our body with this way of life, you need to know well about it and even seek an expert. 
If you’re seeking some technical information about its composition, let’s get into the chemistry of vegan cosmetics. Now we’ve got it clear on the vegan philosophy and have in mind nothing related to animals is allowed, it’s time to understand the composition and the process behind the product.
Starting with animal testing. Nowadays, science has reached a point where it’s possible to ensure the product is safe without animal experimentation. So if it’s constantly being debated when it comes to medicines, the opinions on cosmetics tests are kind of unanimous. However, we’re still far from the ideal, as long as cruelty-free cosmetics might or not be vegans as well.
Talking about the composition itself, the product must be free from any animal originated inputs. For an example: the collagen, famous protein responsible for our skin’s elasticity. We love the idea, right? And we're sure you’re capable of finding at least three moisturizers of your own with collagen on its composition. Nevertheless, its origin is animal, so the vegan ones replace the elasticity saint for soy protein or almond oil. When it comes to fragrances, one famous ingredient is the musk oil. To get this one, wild cats, rats and musk deer are submitted to cruel procedures, and sometimes, they will end up dead. Sad, isn’t it? As an alternative, it’s possible to use plants with musky scents.
Besides helping the nature and the world, using vegan cosmetics has others benefits: they are awesome for sensible skin and have less components – what favors people that tends to have allergic reactions. For being natural, our body recognizes the ingredients. It gives a more powerful effect, and decreases the chance of having problems of skin irritation. 
Anne Hathaway is another celebrity that follows a vegan diet. In every job she does, she tries to bring this conscious about the animal wellness. All shoes she wore in the movie “The Miserables” were made of fake leather. 
Kristen Bell became vegan after watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives”.
The eternal Cher from Clueless, Alicia Silverstone is one of the most activist celebrities in vegan cause. After battling severe asthma, insomnia, full-blown acne and constipation, with 21 years old, she decided to incorporate the vegan diet.
The angel Miranda Kerr owns the cosmetic brand Kora, which is completely vegan.
The model Gisele Bündchen, supporter of vegan diet, launched a sustainable and vegan line of products called Sejaa.
Yasmin Brunet, the beautiful model which has almost 100 cm hair, loves vegan beauty labels. Olive and coconut oil are irreplaceable items in her necessaire. “Applying the oil in the hair before I go to sleep is my best tip”. She also uses clay masks to have soft and impurity free skin. One of her favorite make up products is a luminizer with argan oil.   
Luisa Mell, the Brazilian TV presenter that loves animals supports vegan brands.
At age 68, the singer Rita Lee has a slender body and stretched skin. Her diet is based on fruits and vegetables. She stopped to consume meat at the same time she stopped doing drugs. Nowadays, she feels more willing because of her choices.
You might have noticed vegan-related matters are becoming a new trend on the beauty and fashion world. However, if you turn up the nose at tendencies, maybe this one can melt your heart - and after reading this article, you’re probably re-building your concepts, ain’t I we right?
Beauty trends might reflect society’s snippet and if your beauty magazine has reserved one entire page for vegan cosmetics, believe me, it all started with girls around you who decided animal lives matter as much as theirs. So yes, people are more and more interested on creating such a fairer places for all of us to live and its beautiful philosophy has arrived on the cosmetic world. Because it’s cool? Trendy? No. Because if our house is this giant planet, every single member should feel like home.
We’re not done here - yet. Next week you’ll find a complete guide for vegan cosmetics with the coolest brands and products.