Valentine’s Day: There’s Love After the Break Up!

We all know how complicated and painful an end of love relationship can be. Many times, this break up involves cheatings, arguments, jealousy, or just the relationship doesn’t work between the couple. However, it isn't a rule, some of those break up ends “in a good way”, providing a friendship to the couple.

To celebrate the Brazilian Valentine’s Day (12/06), we’ve found some happy ex-couples that can teach us about friendship and fellowship even after the end:


Isabela and Andrei

Neighbors and childhood friends, this couple had their first relationship together. They say that’s why the relation didn’t last the long that it could. Over time, they’d a relationship wear until the end has come. 

Since the beginning of our relationship, we said that, if we broke up, it would be ok. Because we were very close friends, and we could not lose the essence of our friendship, right? Because Friendship is quite important (...) At first, it was hard, but later, we tried to reattach the friendship. Of course you need some time apart to overcome the old feelings and erase the hurts. Nowadays, we have some great memories of our relationship.

Giulia and Vinicius

After an abusive and disturbed relationship, Giulia developed some troubles about herself and the world around. Happily, Vinicius dedicated to make her feel happy and estimated on their relation, helping her deal with those remaining scars from her abusive ex. After the break up, they got certain distance, so they could clear their mind about what they were feeling and surpass it. So they started talking once again and became best friends, knowing that they could always count on each other. 

Maurício and Danielle

This history could be a movie story: he was in love with her and everybody knew but the girl. However, Maurício wasn’t giving up just because of that. And that’s how they started dating, beating every single misunderstanding that high school sweethearts use to have. Although very happy together, they broke up because of personal problems, but they haven’t managed to stay away, and started sending each other texts that brought them back together as great friends.

Bruno and Isabelle

He affirms always had had “a crush” on her. After both ended other relationships, they had an approachment and the inevitable happened: they get involved. The relationship was marked by being very aggregator.

“I think that is a big waste after you build, not only a relationship, but something, a huge connection, so complete in so many aspects, mess everything up”​

Time passed, and how occurs with a lot of couples, they had concluded that they didn’t doing well to each other. Bruno says that they had ended “pretty bad” and had tried to reconcile, without success. In the end, they stayed 6 months without looking each other's face. However, the final reconciliation try, came from her.

“This kind of thing is what makes me remember why I choose her once. Just by knowing how to separate the things: arguments and what make our friendship bigger”



Unsatisfied, we looked for more histories and opinions of people that had this kind of relationship. We appealed to the internet by a form about friendship between ex-couples. Our sample reached 421 people from 18 up to 25 years, with distinct visions and extremely interesting experiences. The most was female, however, the 60 male participants had an active voice and gave us some striking info.

So we concluded that, on public opinion, ex-couples may get back as friends without having second intentions about the partner. Even though, it’s relative, depending from couple to couple. At last, we asked them to share for some nice relationship histories. And here are some of them:


“I dated a boy on 2012 for 9 months. We broke up. Today, I’m a lesbian and he is gay. He is also my best friend.”

“My first boyfriend was my best friend for 4 years before become my boyfriend in fact. Our relationship lasted about some months. After one/two year(s) without talking each other, we back keeping in touch and nowadays we back having us as best friends. Both have another relationships, we doesn’t have second intentions, but the friendship keeps growing as nothing had happened!”

“Two of mine ex-boyfriends are today my best friends, without interest, just a brotherhood relationship!"

“One day I was with my girlfriend in a restaurant and I saw my ex-boyfriend with his current wife. We’d talked a little and three days after, we were having a dinner, I, my girlfriend, my ex and his wife”​

“My mom and dad got divorced when I was 4. Up to today, on different relationships, they are close friends.”