The Valentine of Each Zodiac Sign

While in other countries the 14th of February is the most romantic day in the world, Brazil celebrates Valentine's Day on June 12th. The reason is purely commercial: as sales in June used to be very weak, the adman João Doria, father of the current governor of the State of São Paulo, suggested the date to be set up the day before the celebration of Santo Antônio, which was already famous in Brazil for being the holy matchmaker. Since then, it’s on this date that Brazilian couples exchange gifts and love statements. How about finding out what astrology has to tell us about the Valentine of each Zodiac Sign?

However, first of all it’s important to emphasize that Zodiac Signs predictions are a part of a science of possibilities, and not all the analyzes can be based only on the Sun: each of us has an astral map divided into 12 houses, which rule different aspects of our lives. In this case, for example, it’s important to observe the seventh house, that have a strong influence on the partners that we attract and on the way we act in a relationship. In more complex words, love is where Venus planet is!

  1. 1. Aries

    This kind of valentine accepts anything to get out of the rut. They are people completely intense and delivered to their relationships, which can last for a few hours or many years. They can not make decisions without acting with their hearts and this lack of rationality interferes a lot in Aries love life. Very sticky attitudes are disapproved by this Zodiac Sign, so the conquest must be subtle. Besides that, these people know well how to satisfy their partners in bed.

  2. 2. Taurus

    For Taurus, provide stability to the relationship is essential so they know how to overcome crises like nobody else, once they do everything in their power to please the pair. This Zodiac Sign values loyalty too much, and therefore, doesn’t tolerate lies. Taurus valentine is also perfect for doing anything, including nothing: they really appreciate movies session and naps. Their sexual energy is pretty intense too.

  3. 3. Gemini

    Gemini is always open to live new experiences in love. To these people, a good relationship is based on communication, so they hate misunderstandings. This Zodiac Sign try to respect the partner's individuality, because for them, a bad odd will never be a good pair. The good mood is also essential to conquer Geminis.

  4. 4. Cancer

    The Valentine of this Zodiac Sign is very affectionate and attentive. These people really think long term: after the first kiss they’re already planning the wedding date and the children's names. The biggest problem is that the expectations that Cancer creates are difficult to attain, so they can easily disappoint, but you can be sure that no one knows how to take care as well as them.

  5. 5. Leo

    This Zodiac Sign inspired the wedding speeches: a Leo valentine will be by your side in the good moments and also in bad times. They aren’t easy to conquer, but once you do, they will surrender completely. Leo’s company is cozy, so they can make you feel at home inside their hug. These people are also very creative as a Valentine, always preparing cute and memorable gifts. As the nature element of this Zodiac Sign presuppose, in bed it is fire.

  6. 6. Virgo

    A relationship with someone of Virgo will be always very mature. They don’t like to play games, then things need to be clear from start to finish. The Virgo Valentine is extremely dedicated to their partner, but never leave the rationality aside. The important dates will always be remembered by these people, who despite not showing, like to be conquered daily.

  7. 7. Libra

    Libra is the most romantic Sign of the Zodiac and ends up conquering people by their natural ability to understand the other. This kind of Valentine is very harmonic,  avoiding fights and disagreements in their relationships. The kiss is a characteristic aspect of Libra, that is capable of sacrificing their own needs for the well of the couple. People of this Zodiac Sign also transmit serenity and peace.

  8. 8. Scorpio

    Scorpio has a natural difficulty in express what they feel, so it is not easy to see when they are into you. For them, the life for two is a daily transformation, and more than that, a goal of constant overcoming. These type of Valentine will never abandon you. Furthermore, the sex of Scorpio is considered the best of the Zodiac.

  9. 9. Sagittarius

    The Valentine of Sagittarius transmit confidence and joy, turning your life into a real party. The lightness of this Zodiac Sign is contagious, so their relationships will  always be very spontaneous, with demonstrations of feelings through attitudes. The Sag partner will always be encouraged to fight for their dreams and believe in themselves.

  10. 10. Capricorn

    Relationships may not necessarily be a priority in their lives! Capricorn tends to look for partners that can thrive with them, building a solid relationship, but when this Zodiac Sign is in love, no one else will be more sincere and loyal. The determination and resilience that these people have are at least captivating.

  11. 11. Aquarius

    The demonstrations of love of this Valentine will  always be very different, surprising the partner more and more. This Zodiac Sign is fascinated by authentic people, that know how to respect their space. They don’t like to feel pressured, any attitude like a request for commitment, should leave only and exclusively from them. When they really love someone, the sky's the limit to please that one.

  12. 12. Pisces

    The relationship with this Zodiac Sign is always very transparent: they like to demonstrate everything that they fell. Pisces see the love as a magic thing and like a real gift of God. They use to fall in love in a delicate way, so having the opportunity to take care of someone is a blessing to them, then you will be safe by their side!