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Unusual Travel: Experiences Shows the Worth of Discovering the World

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Credits: Pixabay

When we are on vacation, or just have a free time, there’s nothing better than traveling and exploring the world. Many people make lists of destinations they want to visit, and end up falling into cliché itineraries, such as Disney, New York or Paris. Of course, these places are incredible and are part of the dreams of almost every traveller. However, what about countries that are unusual, have you ever thought about getting to know them?

Places with stunning landscapes, natural wonders, and not so crowded. Usually, these cities have a great cultural load, and you not only take a rest and enjoy the trip, but also learn a lot about history and the past of that destination.

Some Casperians have been on the road to these places, and have had wonderful experiences, which will make you want to buy your plane ticket right now.


Credits: Ana Maria Barros

When you have the opportunity to stay in some local house, the trip gains another point of view. In 2014, Ana Maria Barros went to Norway, and stayed with a friend. “It was a less touristic experience”, she said.

The most impressive thing for her was seeing green everywhere, even in some rooftops. Also, many Norwegians owns houses on the coast, or a cabin in the mountains. “It seems like a very good quality of life”, reported Ana.

Her greatest memory from Norway is climbing a mountain only by walking. “We went on a track that led us to the top of the mountain, it was amazing!”.


Credits: Beatriz Facchin

Another awesome place to visit is Turkey, both European and Asiatic sides. Beatriz Facchin was there in 2012, and got impressed by their religion. “I was only 14 and we went during winter, so it even snowed there”, she commented. “Every morning, they recited their Bible through speakers on the streets, so I woke up to this everyday”.

She also affirmed that the most amazing memory is the balloon ride, in Cappadocia. “We had to be there at 5 AM, so we could see the sunrise, but it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen”.

Asked if she would rather go to common or unusual places, Beatriz has no doubt. “I prefer different locations, even when I went to Canada to study, I chose an uncommon city, to have a cultural experience”.

Credits: Fernanda Rozo

Another casperian who visited Turkey is Fernanda Rozo. She was there in 2015, and her biggest memory is also the balloon ride. “It was one of the best moments of my life”.

Credits: Fernanda Rozo

She also loves to travel the world, and has a thing about unusual cities. “I really like going to traditional places, because of history, but uncommon destinations cause a lot of curiosity”, she confessed.


Credits: Brunna Freitas

“A place where you breathe culture, everything is colorful, beautiful landscapes and an amazing city in general”. That’s how Brunna Freitas described Cuzco, one of Peru’s most incredible spots, and the city that guards Machu Picchu. She was there in 2012, and it was one of the best trips of her life, she said.

Credits: Brunna Freitas

“What impressed me the most was how everything was made of stone. It’s all docked, nothing moves. It’s absurd how people could do this in the old days”. She was also thrilled by alpacas and llamas. “It’s the cutest thing in the world! When an alpaca licked my hand, I almost cried of happiness”.

Besides all the wonder, Brunna thinks that every destination have its beauty. “Everything counts as an experience, but it’s what you look for in that place that makes your trip special. You can make a common city become unusual”, she explains.


Usually used as a travel connection, Panama is not always a final destination, but it should be. Ana Oliveira was there in 2012, in Panama City, and was impressed in many ways.

“I went there thinking it would be an underdeveloped country, but I was choked by completely modern buildings, it even reminded me of Dubai”, she revealed. Being a free trade zone, Panama has a giant mall structure, and many people go there just to buy cheaper things.

However, the city has its culture. “The most beautiful memory of the trip was certainly a typical party that I went, where people used traditional clothes and taught me some history of the country. They used monster masks, and danced to some happy songs”.


Credits: Tamy Niski

Full of energy and beautiful landscapes, Southeast Asia certainly deserves a visit. As Tamy Niski told us, it’s hard not to fall in love with Laos. “I went there in December 2016, and spent two months traveling around. It’s an amazing place, with wonderful views and I met great people there”.

Going somewhere without any expectative can be impressive. “I wasn’t expecting much about Laos, and that’s why I enjoyed it so much”, tells Tamy.

Credits: Tamy Niski

Another place that gave her good memories was Delhi, in India. “The most special moment of my trip was visiting Lotus Temple. Among a chaotic city, it’s a place of peace and reflection, as it’s nothing related to religion, only about respect and coexistence. I could connect to myself and be thankful; it was very strong to me”.

Tamy also defended that each place has its particularities. “I guess I prefer going to unusual destinations, but most important to me is what you live during the trip. Even in common places, you can have an authentic experience, and this is the best part”.

Amazon – Brazil

Credits: Avana Salles

We know that the world is so big, but our own country has amazing places, that are usually forgotten when it comes to travel. We should look to Brazilian cities more often, and that’s what Avana Salles did, when she went to Manaus, capital of Amazonas, the biggest Brazilian state.

Besides tourism, she was there by a journalistic program, named Repórter do Futuro. “I spent a whole week travelling and producing reports around, and I got impressed with the Amazon rainforest”.

Credits: Avana Salles

Avana revealed that Manaus is extremely urbanized, but people respect nature. “We took a ride on a Navy ship, to see where Rio Negro meets Solimões [a famous Brazilian phenomenon], and we saw how isolated are riverside communities. They need the Army to keep safe”.

She could also travel by an Army airplane, looking to the Amazon rainforest from above. “It’s an enormous green carpet, crossed by endless rivers”, reported Avana.

Cisjordan – West Bank

Credits: Camila Alvarenga

A very tough place, full of conflicts and political problems, but also inspiring. Camila Alvarenga chose West Bank to go on an educational course, as she wants to be a war correspondent journalist, and discovered many things about Palestinian and Israeli settlers, that no one tells the world.

“I had the opportunity to understand more about a conflict so singular, that we doesn’t know much. Israel ends up hiding a lot of information, and you only discover the truth talking with local people or serious activists”, related Camila.

Credits: Camila Alvarenga

She got really impacted by how cruel is Israeli occupation. “It’s everywhere. In Hebron, one of the West Bank cities taken by Israel, there are many checkpoints, where Palestinians have to show documents and ask for permission to Israeli soldiers to pass. Some streets forbids their present, and if any Palestinian lives on these streets, they need to get into their homes by the roof”, explained Camila.

Despite the sad stories, she loved the kids that lived there. “They always asked us to take pictures of them, or interacted with the group”. As a curious student, Camila prefers to travel to places where she can learn something. “I really like touristic destinations, but it’s also nice to learn about them and unusual cities enables it more often”.


Credits: Renata Torres

There’s nothing better than making a childhood wish come true. In 2015, Renata Torres went to Egypt; a place loaded with history, and even took a cruise on the Nile River. Taken by terrorists, the country is always under alert state, but even so, she wanted to make the trip.

“I got really impressed by sympathy of local people”, commented Renata, “Our guide was formed in Egyptology and talked in Portuguese, because it’s a place ready to receive tourists”. On the other hand, so much instability ended up decreasing visits, crashing Egypt’s economy. “It’s a beautiful country with an enormous potential, but it suffers a lot”.

Credits: Renata Torres

There are many good memories from the trip, but Renata told us about one very special moment. “We took a balloon ride on Valley of the Kings, a place with pharaohs graves, and saw the desert on one side, and the sun rising above the Nile on the other. One of the coolest things I’ve ever did”.

For her, there’s not a rule when it comes to travel. “The world is huge and there’s so many things to see, both common and unusual places.  Here at home we just try to alternate, and our next trip will be a cruise in Alaska”, she said. Inspiring! 

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