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Understand the Revolutionary Proposal of Rihanna’s Makeup Brand

The major beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, founded by Rihanna in 2017, has finally arrived in Brazil. The brand is available on Sephora’s website and physical stores since August. The Fenty Beauty’s proposal got an immediate response in the United States and took the makeup world by storm, revolutionizing the makeup industry. But how did Rihanna do it?

With the launch of her makeup brand, Rihanna managed to inspire everyone by democratizing the use of makeup, creating exclusive products with diversity and countless forms of use. So, here in Brazil, we are more than ready for the Fenty Beuty products!

Fenty Beauty’s slogan: “Beauty for all”

Fenty Beauty’s slogan, “Beauty for all”, says everything you need to know! The brand’s main purpose is to not exclude anyone when it comes to makeup. Fenty Beauty arrived in a market used to excluding people of color with 40 foundation shades, later expanded to 50, and having about 10 to 12 shades per launch. Because of this, Rihanna got immediate recognition and international praise for her inclusivity of all skin tones and diversities. After that, brands started getting multiple boycotts and criticism. The Rihanna’s brand brought the black beauty debate to its peak by also setting universal colors and creating formulas that work in all skin types, not leaving anyone behind!

Multiple ways to use one product

When Fenty Beauty was launch, Rihanna stated that “makeup is there for you to play with. It’s there for you to have fun with. It should never feel like pressure, and it should never feel like a uniform”. As she said that, she created a lot of products with multiple functions, allowing the customer to play with whatever way feels right. She also launched a bunch of fun, bright colors for the consumer to be able to create magic through makeup. This way, when we talk about Fenty Beauty, we talk about artistry and creativity. This way, Rihanna was able to set the face as an empty canvas that it’s up to you decides how you are going to enrich it.

Earth Consciousness

Fenty Beauty makes its global impact by taking affirmative action towards reducing excess of packaging and plastic generation. The brand created ways to reuse Fenty Beauty products, besides have packaging recyclable. They have also stated to have plans for a new recycling partnership that will be announced soon and is a cruelty free brand, although it isn’t vegan.


The article above was edited by Camila Nascimento.

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