Trump X Biden: What Are Each Candidate Proposals For The Environment?

On September 29, the two candidates for the presidency of the USA participated in the first debate that was broadcast to many countries. Donald Trump and Joe Biden set out their ideas and the debate was marked by controversies and heated responses, which attracted a series of criticism from the public and the press. The environmental issue was one of the topics discussed. Check out what each candidate thinks and proposes for the environment!

  1. 1. Donald Trump's Proposals

    Candidate for re-election, Trump has a policy centered on nationalism and during his management he had controversial attitudes towards the environment.The Republican candidate rejected several measures to protect the environment, including a CO2 limitation. In addition to allowing the United States to withdraw from the country agreement due to climate change, according to the president this deal is harmed to his country.

    He also withdrew the United States from the Paris climate agreement, signed in 2015 by Barack Obama, the countries participating in the international agreement have pledged to contain the emission of greenhouse gases from 2020, which contribute to global warming. Trump said in the debate that he would follow the same method of thinking, seeking to favor the US industry and economy.

  2. 2. Joe Biden's Proposals

    Democratic candidate Joe Biden was vice president of Barack Obama and made proposals similar to his. This includes points like international alliances, advances of the middle class, right to health and environmental protection proposals. One of Biden's promises is to bring the Paris climate deal back. 

    His promise is to achieve 100% of clean energy savings by the year 2050 and he describes climate change as one of the biggest challenges for his country's future. Her proposal also embraced the economy, starting from the point that she will seek to build a clean energy economy, with an investment of US $ 2 trillion in green energy, helping the working class, through the creation of jobs and avoiding greater damages such as the fires in California.

  3. 3. How does it affect Brazil?

    Brazil is affected by the decisions taken by the United States due to the impact that this has on the national economy and the rates that are imposed on imports and exports. Furthermore, Jair Bolsonaro and Trump maintain diplomatic relations close, so depending on what Trump does, this could serve as an example for the President of Brazil.

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