Trend Alert: The 60’s Is Fashion’s New Favorite Decade!

Fashion is always going back and forth. After the past decade being radiated by the 90’s, now it’s time for the 60’s to shine again. Marked by its daring and vibrant colors, it was also a time in which streetwear began to guide trends, putting individual style over those determined by fashion elites. Check it out how to make your wardrobe groovy!

  1. 1. Miniskirts + Go-Go Boots

    There was never anything more shocking than the miniskirt. The iconic piece became a symbol of women’s emancipation in the 60’s and it showed to the world the times they were a-changin'. With the birth control pill, women could finally explore their sexuality which resonated in their way of dressing. 

    Although there are arguments about who invented the miniskirt, the fashion designer Mary Quant popularized it alongside the go-go boots, another empowering piece of the 60’s. It is heavily associated with strong female characters in pop culture, like the Bond girls.

    First introduced in the mid-60’s, the boots were low-heeled, mid-calf in height and made of patent leather or shiny vinyl (usually white). At its peak of popularity, it became knee-high with block or kitten heels in various colors. The singer Nancy Sinatra was the queen of go-go boots and her song “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” is considered a female empowerment anthem.

    Today the white version of go-go boots is making a comeback, but pastel and neutral tones are here to stay!

  2. 2. Extravagant Glasses

    Woman with silk headscarf and sunglasses

    We all know that since the 70’s Elton John is the king of extravagant glasses, but what most people don’t know is that it started in the 60’s. The mod subculture popularized big sunglasses in geometric shapes, different textures, beside colorful frames and lenses. Go beyond the round hippie ones and explore this universe – this trend is for those who want to be noticed!

  3. 3. Big Jewelry

    Inspired by the mods’ creativity, Pop Art’s vibrant colors and Op Art’s geometric patterns, many jewelry designers started to experiment with new materials, designs and techniques. The personal ornaments were oversized and asymmetrical, combined with geometric shapes and shocking colors – only made possible by low-cost materials, like leather and plastic. Natural materials were also very popular, mainly silver (as a substitute for gold) and gemstones like turquoise to create a bohemian look.

  4. 4. Geometric Prints

    These were a hit back in the 60’s thanks to the mods again! The geometric prints, such as houndstooth, were simple and appealed to the subculture to create an elegant – yet colorful – look. Nowadays you can use it in neutral or pastel tones.

  5. 5. Formal Clothing

    Dress Pants

    This trend is already a part of us for a while, but it actually started back in 1966, when Yves Saint Laurent introduced Le Smoking. It was the first tuxedo designed for women to earn attention in the fashion world and in popular culture. The conservative part of society freaked out. It marked a shift in attitude towards gender differentiation and brought a message of empowerment: women could now wear clothes that were normally worn by men. Today it earns a more casual touch and oversized proportions.

  6. 6. Peter Pan Collar

    Highly associated with the 60’s, this trend’s name gives us a clue of what it may have represented in the past. The child-like character who never wanted to grow up was an inspiration to the Dolly girls (at least his philosophy). They wanted to create a school girl look and the collars were perfect for this. It could be found on blouses, mini dresses, sweater sets and coats in solid colors (or playful prints by the end of the decade). The Peter Pan collar is making a comeback in an oversized proportion – and the schoolgirl look is not an obligation!

  7. 7. Psychedelic Print

    woman with pink hair in blue and pink tie dye shirt in forest

    We can’t talk about the 60’s without talking about drugs. Everybody knows the use of chemical stimulants was very common that decade. One of the major effects of LSD was the appreciation for color and texture which, of course, influenced the fashion world. The colorful and shapeless prints emerged in the mid-60’s and were still a thing with the 70’s hippies – by the way, the tie-dye prints are making a comeback in several formats, even in bikinis!

  8. 8. Floral Print

    floral dress

    The 60’s were all about flower power. The USA was in the midst of social and political conflict and the floral print represented freedom and social changes. It used to be marked by its colorful explosion (hello, hippies!), but now you can also find it in pastel and neutral tones.

  9. 9. Kitten Heels

    Considered a training heel for young girls (or “kittens”) who weren’t ready for higher heels, it gained popularity with beatniks and mods (here they are again!). These movements privileged dance and alternative lifestyles, making the mini heels very appropriate. This shoe is perfect to remain stylish without suffering, especially if you dare in your prints!


The article above was edited by Lívia Carvalho.

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