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Tips To Keep Relationships And Not Feeling Alone On Quarentine Days

Since the caverns period, all the men worked in groups, keeping relationships. So now, in the quarantine days, we all miss the social contact and talk to our friends and crushes in person. You may think that the distance will affect you and your relationship, but here’s some tips to help you for this won’t happen.

Video calls

You can’t touch the person you’re talking to, but you can see and laugh equal, how would you usually do when you two (or three, or four….) are together.

You can use Hangouts, House Party, Whatsapp video group call as apps to help you with this new communication. “We and my friends usually exchange messages, but nothing as see and listen to everyone to make the miss go away”, said Nicoly Bastos, a journalism student when asked how she make to keep contact with dear people.

And if you don’t have a webcam, you can just use Discord app, the audio calling program.

Online games

The video or audio calling can be bored sometimes, because there’s the possibility to have nothing to talk about the day. So you guys can play some games on the Internet. You can ask your friends to play STOP or Gartic with you. The first one is that game when you have to write one word about a theme as fast as you can; the other one is like mimics, but with drawing! You receive a word and then you have draw it and your friends have to hit the word you have received.

Netflix Party

Miss the netflix and chill days? Sleep under the cover watching a movie with your boyfriend or girlfriend? No problem! You can download the Netflix Party program in your computer and then watch your series or movie with your lover or friends!

Just google “Netflix Party” and then you download the first link. After this, go to your Netflix account (on the computer) and chose something to watch. Then, click on the extension that appears on the page, and share the link with your friends.

A chat is going to appear in the right side of the screen, so you and your company comment about watch you’re both watching.

Don’t think too much

The quarentine days will be over someday. So if you’re feeling alone, “Do not wonder how many days are left, how many days were, when all this started, when it will end”, advise Rui Smaira, advertising who is friends with Nicoly Bastos. You can do things you couldn’t do with all the things you had before quarentine, and you can also learn something new! There’s no excuse for “not having time”.

“Take advantage of this period to reinforce relationships and feelings with people. Give more thanks and observe more the impact that others have on your life”, Maria Antonia Anaclet, also a journalism student advice. After this advice, when you ate back to see and talk in person, your connection will be stronger.

You’re not alone in this period. Don’t think about this, just occupy your mind and day with things you always wanted to do and more important, keep the contact you those you love and want around. Talk deeply with them, they will understand if your having problems in this period. Play games, watch movies and laugh a lot, then your relationships will be stronger after all this.


The article above was edited by Gabriela Sartorato.  

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