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Tie-Dye: 5 Ways to Use This Trend in Your Daily Life

Linked to the counterculture of the hippie movement, tie-dye is a fun customization option that marked the 70s. But in the current moment of isolation, with the “do-it-yourself” wave, tie-dye fell on the taste of fashionistas and has been booming on Instagram. 

For some, tie-dye can be a bit exaggerated, but we have to think that the print does not need to be fully colored and with vibrant colors. Thus, the tie-dye has been showing a very democratic trend, so the current versions can also be discreet, invading all wardrobes. 

Check out how to use the tie-dye on a daily basis!


This is the most basic way to wear this trend. The garment can have a basic wash with neutral tones or if it is more fun, with many colors. The shirt as a single piece is also an option for those who have difficulty with combinations.


Sweatshirt fell in love with so many people. It’s a comfortable and fun way to use the print in a more stripped and, at the same time, stylish way.


This can be a piece that refers to the hippie movement, especially the long and wide versions. But, the tie-dye dress can also be an elegant way to use this coloring technique. It’s a perfect piece for a more fashion production.


Who doesn't love a high sock? This is a super fun option that combines with the street style.


And this is a trend that is not limited to clothes only. The tie-dye has colored eyelids with makeup full of concepts too, so you like to dare it.


The colorful nails are a good option to bring this trend in your style. The print will be in spring as well, so you should try it!


The article above was edited by Lívia Carvalho

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