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Thrift Shop: The Best Places to Buy Great and Cheap Clothes

Have you ever open your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear, even if it is full? Making matters worse, is your pocket empty? So here is a good opportunity to visit a thrift store!

A thrift shop is a store of used items, mostly clothes and household objects. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to go to these stores, since prices in conventional clothes are often nasty. “When I grew up and started taking care of my own money, I noticed that clothes are very expensive (…) Then I thought: why not attending a place where clothes are cheaper?” says Giovana Romano, 17 years old and journalism student at Cásper Líbero, about the time when she started attending thrift stores.

Another advantage of this kind of stores is that the clothes are often of higher quality mark, like says Marina Martucci, 20 years old and also journalism student at Cásper Líbero: “In thrift stores, you find clothes with a lot of quality (which is hard to find in department stores, for example): very conserved and that will last much longer (…)”.

On the other hand, shopping at thrift stores requires more patience. “Clothes in thrift shops need to be searched, adjusted and often washed because they might have a smell of something that has been guarded for a long time” reports Marina. Even so, it is worthy because of the accessible price of them.

Who thinks that will only find outdated and antiquated clothes in thrift stores is making a big mistake. “I think it is a very old vision and kind of a stereotype: everybody sees thrift shops as something antiquated. But it is not: it is a conscious and renewable fashion: you give the things you don’t need to someone who will use it and you buy other things from who doesn’t want their things anymore either” explain Giovana.

Thrift Shops in São Paulo

The Internet has already achieved this universe: many thrift stores operate only online through sites, Facebook pages or Instagram profiles, for example. Some of them still exist physically. Anyway, it is an universe with many possibilities, check out some of them:




Credits: Brechó Capricho À Toa

Indicated by casperian Marina Martucci, the Capricho à Toa is considered one of the biggest thrift stores in Brazil and it is located in Sumarezinho neighborhood (Perdizes – São Paulo), 1096 Heitor Penteado Street, house 8. It offers current clothing parts and serves the female, male and juvenile audience, besides having a session of small furniture.

SITE: http://www.brechocaprichoatoa.com.br/ ON INSTAGRAM: @caprichoatoa


Credits: Ma Nagamini

The I Need Brechó is located on the famous Augusta Street, number 2118, in São Paulo. According to the journalism student Giovana, who attends the place: “There are more alternative clothes, the average price is R$ 50”. In addition to the physical store, it is possible to buy through the Facebook page or Instagram profile.



Credits: Armário da Vizinha

Opened in 2002, the Armário da Vizinha thrift store is located in Pompéia neighborhood, in São Paulo, 65 Engenheiro Francisco Azevedo Street. It has a big variety of female, male and juvenile clothing parts, in addition to having nice prices.

SITE: http://armariodavizinha.com.br/index.html ON FACEBOOK: Brechó Armário da Vizinha



Enjoei’s website is one of the most used to resell what you have bought, used and already tired. There you find a big variety of style clothes, prices and audience – female, male and juvenile – besides house objects, electronics and much more. The best part is that anyone can sell things there: you just have to do a brief register and put some information and pictures of your product.

SITE: https://www.enjoei.com.br/ ON FACEBOOK: enjoei.com ON INSTAGRAM: @enjoei ON TWITTER: @enjoei


The online thrift store Repassa believes on the ideology of sustainable consumption and has a big variety of clothes and accessories which attends a female, male and juvenile audience, for a nice price.

SITE: https://repassa.com.br/ ON FACEBOOK: Repassa ON INSTAGRAM: @repassabr ON TWITTER: @repassabr


Usei Pouco is a virtual thrift shop that gathers female, male and juvenile clothes, shoes, accessories and books for an adequate price. It has a part reserved to clothing pieces that have been bought, but have never been used.

SITE: https://www.useipouco.com.br/ ON INSTAGRAM: @useipouco


On Facebook, there is an exclusive group for Cásper’s students or ex-students sell their clothes and other objects that they don’t want anymore and, in the same way, buy their college’s friend’s things. Cásper’s clothes are the most successful product there! If you want to be part of it, you just need to ask someone who is already a member to invite you to participate.

Equally, it is possible to find a group just for men, the Brechó Masculino da Cásper, and the Brechó da Cásper ❤ Plus, which is special for students L/XL (as so identified on the page). It is worth taking part in these incredible initiatives!

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