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‘There Is No Planet B’: Why We Should Talk About Sustainability Right Now!

For years and years scientists have been warning humanity about how our daily life is affecting Planet Earth and, in fact, we have to switch our habits to change this huge impact. Now more than ever, we need to wake up and take action to be able to stop all the problems that have been generated by human activity because the Earth is truly our only home.

‘The Climate Clock’

In Manhattan on september 19th, a giant clock started to show how much time we have left to start taking action to prevent the effects of global warming becoming irreversible. The project first showed the phrase “The Earth has a deadline”, and following the numbers 7:103:15:40:07 appeared to show the years, days, hours, minutes and seconds, a little more than 7 years, until there is no way of reversing the climate issues.

‘Friday’s For Sure’

Another big environmental movement is Friday’s For Future (FFF) that started with a swedish environmental activist: Greta Thunberg (17). Starting only with students, the movement today already includes all the people who want to make a change. So young people and adults manifest every Friday all over the world for the purpose of changing the climate crisis and asking governments to take action in this urgent cause.

The Crisis is Already Here

All over the world we can already see the results that nature displays after decades of human activity without thinking about the consequences to the planet. Heat waves, droughts, floods and higher level sea are causing a lot of destruction, all of that a result of higher levels of warming of Earth.

This process is a Global Warming that everybody hears about, but not enough people are doing something about it. Basically in it, the average temperature of the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere increases due to greenhouse gases that humanity has been generating.

In 2015 the Paris Agreement was signed with the participation of many countries that decided to combat climate change and its effects. Even with the agreement, a lot has not yet been done to change this alarming situation.

Since 1961, the Global Footprint Network has been calculating the Earth Overshoot Day. The exact day, in that particular year, is when humanity started to demand more resources and ecosystem service than Earth is capable of regenerating. For this reason we must talk about sustainability. It’s because humanity is running out of resources in its own home.

It’s time for sustainability!

Okay, sustainability. But what exactly is that? A sustainability is based on ecologically viable alternatives, economically viable, socially and culturally diverse, that’s the concept. Be sustainable is to respect the environment while using its resources without compromising the future generations. We need to understand that natural resources may end and for this reason conscious use of them is necessary.

Being sustentable is in the small and big things. Therefore it is necessary that we choose leaders who are willing to act in this cause and make sustainable choices for the countries. And for the small things, each one of us is responsible to take action, changing small habits each day and seeking out to inform and help people around us to be conscious about our reality and how they can make a change.

If each one of us takes action and start to be more sustainable every day, the impact on the planet will be huge, so we have to do this together. It is our home that we are talking about, the only one we have

So now you know that sustainability is in the little things too, why don’t you start it right now?


The article above was edited by ​Lívia Carvalho.

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