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The New Trends In The Street Style Of Copenhagen Fashion Week

The Vogue Scandinavia issue featuring Greta Thunberg was a huge success and a must have item of the Fashion Week, just like bike shorts or a comfy shoe. Copenhagen’s return to in real life shows and runways came with a joyful, unabashed embrace of street style. It was possible to see everything from baggy suits to clashing neons. 

Beyond inspiring, Copenhagen’s street style painted a compelling picture of what we’ll see in the streets in months, as it was a retake of what we already saw in other fashion weeks, such as Paris and New York. Read on to check out what Scandinavian fashion gave us!

1.The early-2000s revival is here to stay! 

The fashion in the early 2000 might be questionable for some people, but is not something new. We have been seeing this style coming back since the beginning of 2020, but now it’s official: the tube tops, belly chains, and low-slung jeans are upon us. Celebrities and fashion icons like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid are the first ones to hop on this trend! 

Vogue describes this comeback as “today’s generation of designers thinking about the fashion of their youth, which in many cases was at the turn of the millennium”.

2. Comfy shoes

Most of the runways in Copenhagen were not usual. There were many outdoor shows that made the guests walk through the grass of Arne Jacob’s former home, and there was even an artificial ski slope.

Gorgeous, right? But definitely not the ideal place for heels. Throughout the week, guests stuck to the daily pieces – and daily shoes – of sport sandals, flip-flops and the classic sneakers. 

The most surprising – and normally very polemic  – shoe seen was the Birkenstocks and the Crocs. If someday they were not ‘appropriate’ for Fashion Week, it’s right to say that they are acceptable, and fashionable, now. Good news for those who love a really comfortable walk. 

3. No idea what to wear? Grab your BIKE shorts!

This was something very present in the Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style: the running shorts. Some people paired it with chunky boots and a giant button-down, while other people styled their look with blazer and heels. There is the fun part – there is no right or wrong combination. 

It’s the perfect piece for the street style, and it comes in many different types of fabric, not just the classic cotton. There was leather, wool and silk. This always creates a fun and fashionable outfit. 

4. Dress bright! Neon is here for the happy days

It might be a mutual concept that a more neutral palette of colors – black, white and gray – in the wardrobe is easy to combine and to wear. However, everywhere we look, there’s more and more optimistic color and prints, and Copenhagen took it to another level. 

There were shades of yellow, blue and a pink so vivid that may shock you. Still, the color that gained the streets was a particularly bright, grassy color known simply as “Bottega green”. Not just in Copenhagen but in New York and in Paris as well. 

The neon tendency was back a few years ago, and the Copenhagen Fashion Week showed that the bright colors are here to stay. 

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