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The Jonas Brothers Are More Alive Than Ever: A Review of The Album

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If you were a kid in the year 2000’s I bet you used to love Camp Rock and became a Jonas Brothers fan! And I know we were missing them after they released the album Happiness Begins in 2019, so, for our happiness, they are back with The Album.

Oh, and spoiler: this album is a mix for you to dance, laugh and get very emotional!

When writing the album, they said they were inspired by the music of the 1970s to present the singles “Wings” and “Waffle House”! And they said which songs helped them to write the album. 

About the new album, Nick, Joe and Kevin explained in an interview with Variety that they were inspired by the Australian trio Bee Gees. “They were a huge influence on our lives, we grew up listening to them with our dad”, said Kevin Jonas. “Growing up as three brothers in a band, we definitely understand the similarities.”

“The journey this album has taken us on has been a unique experience and finally sharing these songs with you means the world to us. Thanks to the incredible Jon Bellion for helping us bring this body of work to life. We are very proud of these songs and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. The album is yours now!”, the brothers told their fans.

The Jonas Brothers are all about love in this project. Married with kids, every lyric hides a nudge to their homes. And, while their music is focused on that familiar tender feeling, the experimentation with new genres makes it more special and fresh.

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas show 12 songs with a very romantic touch and also make a tender tribute to their respective wives, Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra.

The first single to be released was “Wings,” with The White Lotus actress and super fan Haley Lu Richardson starring the music video. 

Among the songs that should appear at the top of the charts are “Montana Sky”, “Summer In The Hamptons” and the beautiful ballad “Vacation Eyes” – a great song with potential to be a first dance tune at weddings for now on.

The first track “Miracle” starts with a sexy groove, while keeping that carefree vibe they are known for. When I first heard it, I literally started dancing and tapping my feet on the floor (ps: I was at the subway, trying to hide that I was loving the music)

“Montana Sky” give us a glossy vibe and heavenly collection of voices on the chorus, this could have been the theme song to a thoughtful ‘70s sitcom. “Americana” is an appealing mix of musical styles – like pop, disco, a whiff of hip-hop – packed in only two minutes.

On the topic of love and family, it’s impossible to miss the heartfelt acoustic melody about fatherhood and their baby girls, titled “Little Bird.” On a TikTok, Kevin asked his daughter what her favorite song of The Album was and here’s what she said:

Jonas Brothers’ “The Album” is a celebration of love in all its forms, perfect for people that see life through adoring rose-tinted glasses.

Earlier this month, the brothers announced a commemorative tour called Five Albums. One Night. The Tour, which will cross the USA from end to end, in thirty-five dates already confirmed, with a premiere scheduled for August 12 in New York. We still don’t have South America dates but fingers crossed!

Oh, and I forgot! Here are my favorite songs at the moment from The Album: “Miracle”, “Vacation Eyes” and “Little Bird”!

The article above was edited by Milena Casaca.

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