"Tall Girl" is a New Movie with That Same Old Teen Style

Everyone knows that Netflix is going through a moment of rom-coms movies, and its latest release is called “Tall Girl”. Directed by Nzingha Stewart, the film’s about Jodi (Ava Michelle), a 16-year-old girl who’s been bullied her whole life because of her height: she is 6'2. She also has issues with her shoes size, which are 14. The young student has heard all kinds of jokes and insults, mainly by Kimmy (Clara Wilsey), one of the meanest and most popular girls in the school.

Besides all this, the protagonist manages to survive the high school nightmare with the help of her two best friends: Jack Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck), the cute boy who doesn’t hide his crush on Jodi, and Fareeda (Anjelika Washington), the fashion girl who always supports and helps her friend accepting her height. Jodi’s dream is to meet a nice, gentle, funny guy, and most of all: taller than her! This idea, however, seems a little bit distant, until Stig (Luke Eisner) - an exchange student, that conquers the looks of all girls wherever he passes by - comes to school and steals her heart. 

Image Source: IMDb

Stig is living in Jack’s house (yes, Jodi’s best friend) and has his heart divided between Kimmy and the protagonist. In order to get his attention, Jodi asks her bigger sister Harper (Sabrina Carpenter) for help. Harper is an aspiring miss who accepts the challenge to help Jodi. After changing her style and putting on a makeover, Jodi believes she will be able to gain the boy's heart.

Other things happen along the plot (this is a no spoiler review, so you'll have to watch it), but it is the typical teen movie from Netflix: the protagonist is being bullied, her best friend has a crush on her while her other friend is super cool. Obviously, Jodi falls in love with the popular kid at school. It needs nothing else, since it already has the perfect formula.

It’s a nice choice to watch on those lazy days, with popcorn, chocolate and soda, but never forget, girl: you don’t have to change your look or your personality to win anyone over! You are perfect even with all your faults and will definitely find someone who loves and respects you above everything else. And the best part is that the person will be in love with the real you. <3