Talking Wanderlust | Brighton: The British Beach You Can’t Miss

Every time we think about England the things that come to our heads are mostly: London, red busses, underground, old buildings and universities. But, I must tell you, the city of Brighton has nothing to do with that. The place is located a little far from the capital, about two hours by train, however, it’s worth checking it out. Ok, but why is it so special?

First of all: it’s a beach, with hot sea and no sand. Have you ever been to a beach that has no sand? Don’t freak out, apparently this is normal in Europe. Instead of the hot sand that burns our feat, that are tiny rocks everywhere, which makes easier walking around the place. In addition to that, the water on the ocean is not cold at all, but it winds a lot around that region, so my recommendation is to only go swimming when it’s summer.  

Image Source: Carolina Rodrigues 

However, that is not the main attraction of Brighton. If you haven’t heard about the Brighton Palace Pier yet, you must now. The place is exactly as the description: a pier. But is not just that: you will find an enormous construction above it, which hosts inside thousands of toys and games to play.

Image Source: Carolina Rodrigues

But if you don’t like to play video games and stuff, don’t worry, because at the end of the pier there is the “adventurous” part, where you can find roller coasters, house of terror, bumpers cars and a lot of different equipments. It’s pretty similar to a small amusement park.

However, in the middle of the construction and the adventure land, there is a big space, where food and especially ice cream are sold. And when special events occur, for example, the World Cup, they put a big television so everybody can watch together.

Image Source: Carolina Rodrigues

And now, let’s talk about the city shall we? Brighton is nothing similar to the rest of England. You won’t be able to find historical British buildings that easily, especially because the city is consumed by shops and markets. And most of the streets are steep, so if you want to walk around, get prepared.

When I went, it was super hot and all I wanted was to find a shadow to relax a little beat. So while walking around I met the Royal Pavilion, an amazing exotic construction located seaside. For me, it was the most beautiful building that I saw in whole England, because it was unexpected.   

Apparently, the architecture of the Pavilion is inspired or at least, had some influence from the Indian culture. In addition to that, all the flowers and plants that surround the building call a lot of attention because they have strong colors, like red or orange.

The place is free to walk around and stay under the shadows at the garden. But if you want to discover even more, there is a guided tour with a lot of different languages to explore the past of the Palace.  

Image Source: Divulgation

And I couldn't let out of this article the British Airways i360. When I visited Brighton, I didn't know that this attraction existed, so, my plans are for you guys to know and don’t make the same mistake as I did by not visiting it.

The British Airways is a pod, which goes up very slowly for you to admire the view of the Brighton beach and city in 360°. It’s pretty similar to a tower, and maybe it’s worth it to get a better view of the place.

Image Source: Divulgation