Supermoon Enlightens Brazilian Sky on October 16th



A beautiful Moon will appear tomorrow, October 16th, and enlighten the sky during the evening: bigger and brighter we can even call our Moon as "Supermoon".

The observation of this phenomenon, in which the Moon appears bigger and brighter, is going to be better by 9 pm, when the sattelite begins to appear in the eastern horizon of the skies. The splendent Moon can be seen from all sites of Brazilian territory on Sunday night.

The Supermoon's apparition occurs when the lunar perigee (which is the closest point that the Moon reaches relatively to the Earth) coincides with the period of the full Moon. When the Supermoon happens on a night with clear skies, it may appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter! The average distance between our planet and the Moon is approximately 384,000 kilometers. On October 16th, the distance will decrease to 358,000 kilometers.

The astronomers' recommendation is to observe the satellite at this early time of the night to enjoy an "optical illusion" that makes it look bigger. But, if you won't be able to watch this amazing view tomorrow night, the phenomenon will be repeated on November 14th and December 14th.