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Sun, Moon and Rising Sign: Get To Know Your Birth Chart

The birth chart is a study that determines a person’s personality based on astrology. This is done from the day, the exact hour and place that the person was born. These points determine how the sky was at the time.

This plane is marked by all cosmological elements, such as the position of the sun, the moon and the rising sign, in addition to others stars, like Mars, Venus and all the planets from the solar system.

All these studies are done based on a cycle divided into 12 phases. Each phase has a different influence on some area of your life. When a birth chart is made, it is possible to find out which planet is in each house. There could be more than one planet in some house. This factor is all about the energy that each one has in some aspect of your life. But some points influence more than others.

The study is based on the 12 zodiac signs. They are divided according to the elements of nature. The fire ones are more intense and loves freedom. The water ones are more emotional. The air signs are expressive and the earth ones are more responsible.

The sun, the rising and the moon are the main ones when an analysis is made.

The Sun

The sun signs is the main regent, which brings more characteristics. This is defined by the position of the sun in relation to the constellation at the time of birth. This position defines the fundamental personality traits of someone. The sun sign affects th way the person is seen by others and how present herself to the world. The star represents the identity and self-expression of the human being. It is also associate with vitality. Undoubtedly, is the biggest influencer of the chart.

The Moon

The moon is the point that says about family and relationships. Also refers to the question about memories and the past. The emotion is the main area affected.

In women, it has a direct relationship with the sacred female, influecing even the menstrual cycle and the fertility. The sacred female is a philosophy of life that has as principle the strenght of women.

The moon indicates the way we deal with feelings. It refers to our inner, different from the sun that shows the outer shape of our essence.

The Rising Sign

The rising is the sign that crosses the horizon from east to west at the moment of birth. It shows the way people see you. It is related to the outside world and influences the sun.

The rising is the most exposed part of someone, as if it were the way in which interact with others. It can reflect on psysical appearence and physiognomy too. For example,earth signs are more robust, but air´s sign are softest. In theory, this is direclty related to the image that someone passes on to the other.


You have some ways to discover and study your birth chart. This can help to understand some aspects of your life and work to improve some of them. Astrologers and holistic therapists make interesting analyzes for a specific need. But if you don’t need na i-depth study, there are options for websites and apps, such as “Horus”, which with the main information, can profile you.


The article above was edited by Anny Caroline.

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