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Subscription Box: Mixing Comfort, Economy and Surprises

New ways of consumption are thought and created all the time to attract different types of public. Subscription boxes were developed as one of these methods. Here is how it works: customers subscribe to a box they’re interested in – there are multiple themes for boxes, such as home, pet, beauty, “geek club”, food,books among others – then they pay a monthly fee through their credit card and they receive surprise boxes on a monthly basis from these companies. Every month they receive different products inside the box. Some that they know, others that they will discover, and some they might not like. But that’s the purpose of the boxes: to bring convenient as well as innovative products directly to the doorsteps of subscribers. Definitely a cost-effective and contemporary experience.

The subscription box industry started in Brazil in 2011, and is an emerging and growing market, with lots of room to explore. There are though a few established firm such as “Wine” – a wine subscription service with more than 130,000 subscribers. There are others, snack box, for instance that deliver natural snacks with plans that vary from R$ 59,90 to R$ 159,90 per box (U$ 18- U$ 50). Another option is the “TAG Experiências literárias”, a book club that brings to the public cultural experience and also provides an app in which the readers can share their opinions, prices start at R$ 69,90 per month (U$ 22).

Credit: Luciana Couto

“OpenBeauty by Ticiane Pinheiro” was recently launched as a Beauty Box for middle class women and has had an outstanding success due to its excellent cost-benefit relationship. The products are carefully chosen by a curator based on the profile of each client, and each month the box brings 5 to 7 full size products such as make up items, skin & hair products, nail products, an exclusive necessaire and a surprise item! The brand offers three types of plans: monthly (R$ 69.90), 6 month subscription (R$ 65.90/month) and 1year subscription (R$ 59.90/month). It is certainly an incredible opportunity to have access to launches of the beauty world without leaving home.

What about you? Would you be interested in subscribing to one of those boxes? What box would you subscribe to? Pick yours!

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